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    Horses, rock music, Sims2, dogs and cats, pow wows, building stuff and old cars.
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    Planet Lupine with my parents and bothers

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  1. Parents gone time to PARTY! Party at my house! Oh and I want to prank them!

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    2. Chicken0895


      If they use mods that enable more than eight sims, you could move all of their sims into a single household.

    3. WolfMoon


      LMAO I Know they do Chicken that would be so funny. They could all fit in Micks Apartment Building lock them in different apartments so they don't know at first!

    4. Akeem


      Ooh I might do several of these ok I found dresses for guys at MTS, I also thought about putting my dads female sims in frumpy nighties instead of the ones they have.

      Chicken that is a great idea for one of my dads hoods. Swim fins, lol, I like these thanks.

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