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  1. Oops I got hooked on PowerWash Simulator. xD

  2. Welp, finally got the TS4 Jungle Adventure pack for Christmas. See you in Selvadorada!

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    2. SassmasterMaxie


      I should remember that XD

    3. brigitte


      Good luck, Master! :claphigh:

      I bought the pack mainly for the nice objects and build objects, but the jungle in itself was quite interesting for some time. I hope you survive in there and that you will enjoy everything that came with the pack (excluding bugs). - Speaking of bugs: That's what I hate most in Selvadorada: Having the same BUGS as in the camping pack (eh, what's it's name in English? Outdoor Retreat?). I'd like to put just normal lots for living etc. there, but the bugs (mosquitos) are buggin' me.

      However: I like the pack and all the objects and the atmosphere (minus bugs in every way). Have fun! :celebrate:

    4. Ethyrdude


      I ended up getting Jungle Adventure last week and I'm a bit disappointed with the actual content play wise even compared to Outdoor Retreat. After a week I can honestly say I am done, the temple has been explored numerous times, and all the places were unlocked although I noticed that you cannot unlock all of them at the same time, to save computer resources?

      If you compare this to World Adventures in Sims 3 (Okay, if you compare anything to sims 3 for that matter) Jungle adventure is a facade at best. Sure you get a few new places to explore but omg, there's so little to do. One temple and a few lots and that's it. The food part is okay but just as tedious as eating the different foods in City Living and while I haven't tried all, I imagine the reward is the same, in other words, no reward. And don't get me started on "buying supplies".

      I do hope you get more out of it than I did but for me it's a "meh".


    1. Kimi


      Hi! I hope that you are doing fabulous. 

    2. RedMallie


      How's it going, Maxie?

  4. Hoooo boy. Removals for my house move are gonna cost a fortune so money stresses are real rn

    1. Kimi


      Not good! Sorry to hear that. :(

    2. SassmasterMaxie


      Yeah. it's not looking good so I'm trying to save what I can :c

  5. I haven't been around much cuz I haven't really been as enamored to play Sims as of late. I need to save up for a new TS4 EP!

  6. My birthday is soon -flails-

    1. RavenKay


      Just had mine. try not to think too hard about the numbers (sigh)

    2. Rosewin


      I'll swap you mine this year. :tongue2:

    3. SassmasterMaxie
  7. I know it's been said a lot already but massive kudos to Kimi for keeping the asylum running smoothly! <3

    1. Kimi


      I don't know how I kept missing this! Thank you Maxie, I really appreciate it. 

    2. SassmasterMaxie


      You're welcome Kimi! :D

  8. Vampire version of self sim done. Yay. Because vampires. XD

  9. To do later: make a vampire version of my self sim :P

  10. That moment when you've gone through several avatar changes in less than 24hrs because you found better screencaps!

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    2. SassmasterMaxie
    3. Rosewin


      I like your new one.
      I haven't changed mine for ages either.

    4. SassmasterMaxie


      Thank you Rosewin! :D

  11. Since this is an asylum, was I ever issued with one of those jackets that lets me hug myself yet? :blush:

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    2. RedMallie


      *walks by the door* :batlashes: Huh? What? New huggie jackets!!!! Wheeeeee!!!!!!! *grabs a pretty red one with orange spots and runs away shouting* Fzzy!!! Kaybee!!! Arathea!!!! Sleepy!!! New huggie jackets!!!! Kimi bought new ones!!!

    3. SassmasterMaxie


      I want the sparkly leopard print one! -GRAB-

    4. Signy


      *digs for blue with storm clouds* *muttering* lighting bolts. must have lightning.

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