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    The Sims 3, Photography, Baroque Music, Airplanes, JAG (the TV show) and writing fanfiction about it both at fanfiction.net and playing with my JAG-Sims.
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    Running from the guys in the White Coats carrying restraints
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    Mentally Unstable

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  1. M


    Merry Christmas, everybody;  Right now my attention has been grabbed by SWTOR - Double XP event on if those of us Simmers who actually also play SWTOR are interested.  Will be back to playing Sims 3.on Jan 4, 2022.  😄 Gotta level up my Republic Trooper. 


  2. We've had a heat-wave, an atmospheric river (dumping lots of rain on our city), floods, a tornado and now snow.  Dare I ask what's next?  Locusts?

    1. Kimi


      Nothing like a rollercoaster to liven things up.

  3. Back.  Recent Determination:  Wow.my Vivobook can play Sims 3.  

  4. Thank god, that MOVE is over.  With losing internet connectivity for five months and being unable to post.Yeah.I've gone into withdrawal. Glad to be back on line.and able to play Sims again. :D 

    1. Kimi


      Welcome back!

    2. RedMallie


      Five whole months!! :scared:


      glad and to have you back!:10:

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