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Verizon.net, Att.com, Hotmail, Live, MSN and Outlook.com Email Account Users


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If you have a Verizon.net, Att.com, Hotmail, Live, MSN, or Outlook.com email account you will be unable to receive emails from the Asylum. Those companies have the IP address of our host's email server blocked, so emails from that IP are never delivered. This includes your validation email.


If you use an email address from one of these companies to register here, please email me at jovalis@web.de within 36 hours so I can validate your account for you. Unvalidated accounts are automatically deleted by the system after 48 hours, so if you do not email me your info within 36 hours, your account may not be validated before it's deleted and you will have to re-register. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it's beyond my control.


Thanks for your understanding. :smile:

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Most of these have now been fixed! There might be a few that aren't working and TFM is trying to find out why. MEANWHILE! We have a solution. The Asylum has a Discord. If you join our server you'll be able to post in the registration-validation channel and ask that your account be validated. All you need to provide is your email address and user name that you used to create the account. 

Here is the link!


I made it so that link doesn't expire but if by some chance it does, the server's name is Naughty Sims Asylum.

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