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  1. Randomly decided that being a werewolf is going to be like having an STD in my game.every chance they woohoo, I roll the dice on whether their partner gets turned XD

  2. I have a defective cow plant with chronic acid reflux. :P

  3. I have to work today. But I wanta kill sims Wahhhhhh! :(

  4. I have to work today. But I wanta kill sims Wahhhhhh! :(

  5. I have to work today. But I wanta kill sims Wahhhhhh! :(

  6. I have to work today. But I wanta kill sims Wahhhhhh! :(

  7. That moment when your Sims just sent their quads to boarding school, only to pop out another set of quads- boys this time- only for Cherise to turn around and get herself preggers while her hubby is settling quads in! *facepalm*

  8. That night when you figure out what was crashing your game, pull it, and figure out how to fix the lot you were banging your head over. It's like my game knows work has been shit lately, and is trying to make up for it. :)

  9. Gonna launch TS3 and see how this goes. Maybe it won't crash?

  10. Trying to get sneaky surprise stuff together. Would be easier if Sims would stop woohooing every time I turned my back!!

  11. Working on a big project. 20x30 gas station Not too fancy, but I'm doing multiple versions of it as different types of lots. It'll come in a run-down style and a shiny and new style. :)

  12. Psst. Excuse me please. I was just wondering if anyone has seen where I might have placed my vodka.

  13. Winnie has the spring cleaning bug. I tried to scrape it off, but he won't keep still!

  14. Had an old laptop that wouldn't work. I put it on ebay and it sold as is for the horrendous price of $3.86, but the winner didn't pay (I have a 12 hour rule on payment) so I cancelled the order. I randomly decided to plug it in just now.and randomness be damned, it's charging! :o I'll see if the charge holds and try to set up an OS on it.

  15. I am really not understanding this medicine. I started eating better because anything greasy was making me sick, now in the past 3 days I've been feeling nausous again. I hate it.

  16. Sunday -trip to ER via ambulance for me. This morning a very sick Katie to Vet Hospital. Not a nice start to the week. Hopefully we will both recover and she will be stabilized enough to come home tomorrow afternoon. Those 4 big firefighters and paramedics scared the poor baby and she never calmed down. Just got herself sick. :(

    1. Rosewin


      Oh you poor things. Hope you both feel better soon.

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  17. Sinkhole. Sounds like a good name for a town, I think.

  18. Sinkhole. Sounds like a good name for a town, I think.

  19. Have joined the local spinners and weavers guild!

  20. Ugh this weekend was crazy! Not ready for monday!

  21. Hi! Just stopping by to say hello!

  22. 3 gens in and every single person in town has Steve somewhere in the family tree XD A true sleepy hood.

  23. Opened Sleepy's Shaken hood for 8 mins. 9 women pregnant.sounds about right.

  24. EA gave me a corrupt save crash for my birthday. Gee, thanks. You shouldn't have. No, really.

  25. Very late to the party, but I found out about earning simpoints for watching commercials. Been going on a crazy buying spree at the Sims 3 store, wheee!