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  1. I'm only a morning person as long as no one talks to me for the first hour or so.

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    2. rhadei


      lol. I've been up since about 5. Everyone's safe.

    3. Nellas


      same here! Kids know not to saying anything important until after I have had the coffee.

    4. Katelinjens


      It takes me about two hours after I am up to communicate. It is a good thing that feeding my cat Katie doesn't have to have conversation or she would probably starve!

  2. Will always prefer sweet potato pie to pumpkin. Even though they taste practically identical. Sweet potato just turns out to be one of those superfoods, and I need all the potassium I can get!

  3. Turned 40 yesterday, and you know, I'm really okay with it. I felt much more Angst about turning 30 because I'd so wasted my 20s. I wasted my 30s just as much, I'm just more okay with that.

  4. This ulcer is cutting into my already-erratic exercise schedule. As long as it doesn't bother my simming, we're golden.

  5. Sometimes, chopping off about 2/3 of your hair can feel liberating and spring-like.

    1. Nyxie


      Doesn't it? I got four inches cut off a month ago and it's made a huge difference. I've also gone from midback length to a bob before, that was amazing.

  6. I'd forgotten how creepy this house is at night when I'm on my own for a few days. Time to turn on some lights and keep my game really loud.

    1. StarryEyedSimmer


      I know the feeling! *hugs*

  7. Barreling down on the 39th birthday.who wants sweet potato pie? Cause I know I do.

    1. bluegenjutsu


      I hope you had a great birthday!

  8. A big salad, a comfy pillow and a few Gene Kelly movies queued up. I'm inclined to be content.

  9. Shoe shopping would probably be fun if I hadn't been born with clown feet. Not easy to find huge shoes for a chick in my area. Here I go.

    1. HypnoCat


      I second that emotion, but I have rather fat and wide feet. So I'm pretty much condemned to Men's sneakers.I just hate that the shoes are wide enough for my feet but too long for my little toes! XD

  10. Downed by a case of food poisoning. Last time I ever order a takeout salad. No matter how good the breadbowl is.

    1. bluegenjutsu


      Hope you get better soon!

    2. jenniferw23


      I hope you're already feeling much better. I hate it when I get nauseous.

    3. Rosewin


      Not good. Hope you are feeling better.

  11. Nothing tastes sunnier and warmer than a fresh-picked tomato from your own garden.

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    2. Rosewin


      I actually have never been about to eat raw tomato in it's own, but I love the smell of the plants and seeing them grow. We do a lot of cooking with them and my hubby, Winnie loves them off the vine.

    3. Akeem


      I love them fresh off the vine, nothing on them. I ate one soon as I got home.

    4. MysteryIslandKid


      I am so grateful to my parents giving me some nothing like fresh garden tomatoes. Next year I am going to try growing some.

  12. Sweet potato pie is truly the food of the gods.

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    2. Rosewin


      Never had it but it does sound good.

    3. rhadei


      It tastes really similar to pumpkin pie, but sort of lighter.

    4. michalien


      Oh yeah. Agree. I'm truly missing American's celebration of thanksgiving.

  13. How high's the water, Mama? Two feet high and risin'. That's not just a Johnny Cash lyric today, it's the literal truth.

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    2. Trif


      Definitely, flood waters so not a good thing.

    3. rhadei


      Have done so. One of the hazards of living in a beautiful river valley. :)

    4. Rosewin


      Time to build the real life houseboat!

  14. Was getting dressed for hiking when the thunder started rumbling. I'll sim instead.

  15. Wish I was one of those who developed a sexy tan rather than turning into a freakin' lobster in the sun.

    1. Firestaar1


      Sounds like me, I burn and peel, burn and peel, rinse and repeat X)