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  1. My sims now disappear when they go down the stairs in the house I just built. WTF?

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    2. esjai


      I figured I'd done something to my game! Glad to know I'm not the only one. I don't think I used CFE in this build, but I'll try fixing that way.

    3. Cohzaku


      I usually managed to fix that by just resetting my sims, and the lot if it persisted.

    4. nixicole


      Just remember: it's always the machine's fault! :) I've never seen that bug, but at least now I know how to fix it. Glad for you that it seems an easy one.

  2. Pops head in, waves, and runs out

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    2. Rosewin


      *smacks at butt as it passes*

      Good to see you Esjai.

    3. esjai


      Tickle and butt smacking? It's good to be home.

    4. Firestaar1


      Good to have you back home *hug*

  3. Spent last night with Little Guy and family. He is such a sweetie.

    1. Firestaar1


      Yay for baby cuddles and family time!

    2. jenniferw23


      It sounds as if he's also a well-loved "sweetie." Glad to got to enjoy him.

  4. Just passed my stress test with flying colors. And I didn't even study. LOL

    1. Wolfenblu


      LOL Great news Esjai so happy for you.

    2. bluegenjutsu
    3. Rosewin


      Excellent Esjai.

      Winnie passed his earlier this year too.

  5. Is exhausted after spending the day at the hospital with my sister who is in labor. She was induced Monday and still working on it.

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    2. Nirar22
    3. Nellas


      So many congrats!!

    4. WolfMoon


      congratulations! So glad I never had to go to the hospital.

  6. Hi!

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    2. Firestaar1


      ESJAI!! *Mega hug* Hi there stranger! So good to see you

    3. Wolfenblu


      Esjai! Good to see you.*hugs*

    4. esjai


      Y'all make me feel so good. I so missed you all. Still working on settling my mom's stuff, but finished this year's show. Now to play sims for the first time in almost four months!

  7. 17 pages of jnew content. That's what I get for playing with my new computer instead of coming here.

    1. Jenn


      o.o But I bet the new computer was loads of fun!

    2. Rosewin


      Don't blame you for being distracted by the new shiny!

  8. I swear I am going to remove all the windows in my Sim's house. All she does is go back and forth looking out them!

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    2. esjai


      I looked but didn't see one. Back to her section.

    3. michalien


      LOL. I also hate when they do that.

    4. SatansSprite


      I do that with mirrors. My sims CAN NOT leave them alone.

  9. It's bad when just grocery shopping leaves you needing a pain pill. Great, I got the food but hurt too much to cook!

    1. nixicole


      Ow. You got some chocolate to help with that, right? Feel better.

    2. Sleepycat


      Been there, often. *hugs*

  10. Have now built two seasonal lots. Yay!

    1. Katelinjens


      Being motivated and creative I see. I bet they are wonderful lots. :)

    2. Nellas
  11. Is really annoyed that I can't have more than five stories. Want to put my new modern build on a foundation.

    1. bluegenjutsu


      I thought there was a cheat that lets you go higher than five?

    2. Rosewin


      The only one I know is to make the floors fake, so they are unusable.

  12. New tattoo is finished. Just a note: tattooing on the wrist hurts like crazy.

    1. Firestaar1


      Cool! What is is? They say the wrist, ankle and breast are the most painful areas for tattoo

    2. esjai


      It's three gaelic words with filigree around them. The words, which I got a month ago, didn't hurt nearly as much as the filigree I got Thursday.

    3. Rosewin
  13. My "no check out strange sim" mod works! Yay!

    1. jenniferw23


      I'm glad for you and your Sims but if everyone had a 'no check out strange person' mod, no one would ever check me out! Don't make one like that.

    2. Nellas
    3. bluegenjutsu
  14. Court yesterday. Bad news, they won a settlement against me. Good news, I have no income so they can't do anything about it. LOL. Judge pretty much told them so, too. "She has a right to live," he said. Hehe.

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    2. Rosewin


      Sorry you had to go through all that but glad it worked out in the end, if not completely in your favor.

    3. Katelinjens


      So glad to hear that this all worked out for you.

    4. esjai


      Well, I do owe the money. And I will repay it. Eventually. *sigh*