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  1. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! (I'll be at work.)

  2. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! (I'll be at work.)

  3. Sleep is still a thing right? Even if it isn't, could somebody preeetty pleeease tell my brain that it is? Second sleepless night in a row means I'm going to zombie through the super-rare first shift today. Maybe I'll just crash extra hard tonight.

    1. RedMallie


      Sleep is still a thing. Try taking some relaxing tea, maybe chamomile. Or get a relaxing scented oil and use it on your temples. Do not let light or noise into your bedroom, unless these relax you (I can't sleep deeply with lights on). Take a warm bath before going to bed. Just try to relax and put yourself in a position that you will sleep when sleep comes to you, by now your body must be just ready to give in any time.

  4. May is off to quite the start! I hope everyone has a good weekend!

  5. Where was some of this tired when I was trying to sleep last night? I hope everyone's Mondays weren't too manic, and that today is better yet.

  6. Hi, all! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and a magnificent start to May!

  7. I hope everyone's week is going well!

  8. Shoutout to all my dataverse friends!

  9. I hope everyone's new year is going well so far!

  10. I hope everyone is doing okay - preferably better than okay.

  11. I wish I had the time to go hide in my TS3 game for awhile! *eyes trashed bedroom and overflowing basket of clean laundry*

    1. RedMallie


      Oh, yes. The laundry basket.   *eyes her own neatly separated whites and colors waiting to be washed.* 

      :think08:  :thinking-hard-smiley-emoticon:


      *leaves basket well alone and gets ready to build a Sim a house.*  :embarrassed-smile-smiley-emoticon:

    2. nixicole


      Me, too! Well, not a house per se, but I did launch the game and tweak SV 2nd Ed. some more instead of burning down my room. If that spider from last night comes back, though, I'm going to have to re-prioritize.

  12. I hope everyone's November gets off to a good start!

  13. Hope everyone's week is going wonderfully!

  14. Gah!!! Trying to retrofit SV 2nd edition to free up as many lots as possible is a pain. I am not any kind of builder, and don't have the freedom of CAW. :crying:


    *goes hunting for fire stations*