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  1. So yeah we got a double whammy heading our way! :shok::crying:

    1. Nellas


      Same but Im north of you so it has time to slow. Stay safe!

    2. tgdry6


      You too! I think we will be lucky with the first one but that second one coming may give us a bit more grief!:nervous:

  2. Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year's!:wavehi:

  3. Happy Turkey Day to all who happen to celebrate this holiday! :43:

  4. Happy Dance!!! :yahoo:So glad it's back up and running!!!

  5. So is anyone else getting error messages when trying to access this site? Not sure what's going on but it also happened when I tried to access  it from my phone. I did leave a report. :unknw:

  6. So yeah, built a gym and gave it the "clothes optional" lot trait, ummm don't do that!!! :35: It isn't pretty and all I could think of was :eew:!!! Don't know what the heck I was thinking!!!:smackhead:

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    2. RedMallie
    3. Rosewin
    4. tgdry6


      Ya'll all laughing but I think I'm still traumatized by that whole experience! *shudders*:passout:

  7. So my grandbabies along with their mother, who have been here since pretty much the beginning of summer, left to go back to their home,:crying:It will be stupid quiet around here cause my kids are boring, but I guess on the "bright side" I will have more time to do some Simming. :sigh:

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    2. tgdry6


      Yes yes it certainly has been! :sigh:

    3. RedMallie


      Simming helps pass the time, I think. And finding out which mods ar working and how much EA has fucked up the game is also time consuming. :flower:

    4. tgdry6


      Yes indeed that it is!!! Unfortunately life things keep getting in the way!:smackhead:

  8. Is waiting for the Tropical Depression Barry to finish pitching his fit. Bit windy with some light rain at the moment. Good time to sort out some mods I'm thinking!

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    2. RedMallie
    3. Kimi


      Goodness! Hopefully someone will show him the door. Stay safe!

    4. tgdry6


      Well he slow poked his way on out and now everyone is in cleanup mode. Thanks, we were good!