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  1. so it's been a looong time, hey all! :wavehi:What's dragged me back here after all this time, you ask? Well. I had a temporary loss of brain and just bought the majority of Sims 4 E S and GPs.


    I think I shall need help.:embarrassed-smile-smiley-emoticon: 

    1. Kimi


      Nice! Welcome back and I'm sure that you will get all of the help that you need.

    2. RedMallie


      Welcome back!! We all know how it is about buying games, hee hee.

    3. flowerchile




      When I bought the first Sims 4 game eons ago I was so not impressed, thinking Sims 2 V2, just a little shinier

      but so far, so good. I feel it's going to take me a very very very long time to actually enjoy all sims 4 has to offer but I am determined to make the most of it.

  2. I aren't confuzzled anymore, thanks guys!

    1. arathea
    2. Rosewin


      So glad you found out what the problem was Flower.

  3. just when I thought I'd finally get time to sit down and work on my sadly neglected world I get called in for a job interview. Real life is butting in again!

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    2. nixicole


      Congrats and good luck!

    3. Rosewin


      Good like on the interview, bad luck on the timing.

    4. flowerchile


      Thanks guys! Yeah, I'm looking forward to the interview. Having applied for many many jobs over the last couple years, this is the first I've actually gotten a foot in the door but with that brings the nervousness. at least I have a day to prepare and play more!! :D

  4. still here guys! I'll update you on the latest in my Sims saga tomorrow, it's past 1am and I am shtuffded.

  5. *sheepishly waves hi to the naughty people*