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  1. On 4/9/2019 at 8:42 PM, RedMallie said:


    Love to see you, @Twoftmama, even if for this sorry event. I hope you are doing better!!!!! :heart:

    Aaaaaaaannnnnddd :graphics-thank-you-000046:for your hard work in keeping the Asylum the great community it is.

    Thank you, too @Kimi!!! You were very patient!


    I'm doing pretty well. I'm just busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. :teehee:

    Kimi is a rock star and I couldn't keep the Asylum open without her. :wub:

    On 4/10/2019 at 12:30 AM, jimmiejay said:

        I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you @coolspear. Thank you @Twoftmama. Thank you to ALL modders, site creators, donators, members, etc. for keeping these games fun, fresh, and functional.Thank You.


    You're very welcome!

    22 hours ago, KayBee said:


    At any rate, I just want to say thank you again. This  is a great community and I'm glad I got redirected here all those years ago! I'm afraid y'all are stuck with me now. :laughter:


    I'm glad you found us and stayed! :heart:

    22 hours ago, coolspear said:

    That for all the will and want in the world, all those other sites that are supposed to represent what is going on in the mod community, will not mention what is going on here like some kind of biblical lepers that must not be named.


    When I first opened the Asylum, we got some love from the community (places like Sims VIP mentioned us) but then I was pressured to post all of my mods on MTS as well. I declined and the love from the community stopped. Why? I don't know. Coincidence? Maybe but I don't think so.

    12 hours ago, Kimi said:


    All I can really say is thank you for being you. Thank you for persisting at this tireless job that probably didn't start out as daunting as it is now. Thank you for your humor, honesty and everything else! You are wonderful and we are better with you here. 


    ^This! A thousand times this!

  2. MandatoryAccount has been permanently banned for being nasty to both @Kimi and @coolspear. No one and I mean no one talks to my staff that way. It will not be tolerated. Ever. Just because I'm not visibly here or posting doesn't mean the rules go out the window. Anyone who verbally abuses my staff, after being told to stop, will be permanently banned with extreme prejudice. Your mama doesn't work here, nobody has to listen to your crap. Mind your manners people.

  3. This is awesome! Now I can use whatever bed matches the look I'm going for! :woohoo:

    I'm so glad you did the toddler beds! Toddlers had to sleep way too long to fill their energy bar, and I have never understood why EA insists on dropping their social motive while they sleep. Seriously, they are not missing you when they are sleeping. It bothered me so much I made a TS3 mod for it.


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