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  1. Where's my head? Have you seen my head?

  2. I hate decorating rooms. I always feel like I do such a sucky job.

  3. Time to import some Sims and get cracking with the story!

  4. Where's my head? Have you seen my head?

  5. Need to get my rear in gear and do more posting, instead of reading lol

  6. Back to work tomorrow! Wonder if I can remember how.

  7. This computer is dying and I am sad. I pray it will work until a new one can be built. Need my sim families!

  8. Not laughing now. Wondering when the new Simbology will be up.

  9. Is enjoying more toblerone. Such a big bar! Nom Nom

  10. why did I take so many pictures?

  11. Why do I have to scroll so far down to find my birth year?

  12. Nekkid is one of my favorite states of dress.

  13. Overslept! Gah! Alarm clock (husband) didn't wake me up because I looked warm. GAH!

  14. OMG TFM! I love the new banner!

  15. Turns around, drops pants, and moons the asylum.

  16. I'm ready for a ham & cheese sandwich.

  17. Just finished snowblowing at least 6 inches of snow. Time for comfy pants and a bowl of chili.

  18. Is thinking I need chocolate to help with my moving of files. Toblerone - sustain me!

  19. Looks around at the forum filling up.is quite pleased. :-)

  20. "Tried to sleep all snug in my bed, but visions of uploading sims danced in my head"

  21. already lots of catching up to do

  22. Welcome to TFM's Naughty Sims Asylum! Come on in and stay a while!

  23. Yeah, I found you all.

  24. waves hello to everyone

  25. What a smooth flight! Barely felt a thing. Hi everyone!

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