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  1. 55 minutes and 11 seconds later. and I go in for face to face interview Wednesday at 1:45- which according to person I interviewed with, is only scheduled when they're considering hiring you!

  2. I have a job interview Monday. I have been unemployed for little over four years so I'm really hoping I get this job.

  3. I think I just turned Steve Broke into a fairy godmother! O.0

  4. I don't want to get screamed at or rocks thrown at me, but, I posted a problem in Blue's buyallproduce thread and left for a few hours and when I got back home, I saw no reply and I decided to see if I can fix my problem, and I did. I wanted to edit my post, but, edit wasn't available, so, I posted my solution. I know double posting is a no-no when it's been only minutes, but, several hours went by and I couldn't edit that first post since edit wasnt there.

  5. That was one long week of debauchery. Home now!!

  6. Stories! I have stories in my head! Quick woman, put some headphones on and get writing.

  7. I think I will give up and crawl under a rock. I am so over having a five minute attention span and the moment and being so damned tired.

  8. All the good lucks paid off! I got the promotion to Shift Lead! Yay!!

  9. Have an interview for shift lead at my job tomorrow! Ahh! I'm so nervous!

  10. Town planing has begun.

  11. My computer is back.still broken D:

  12. Tonight my lil girl graduates 8th grade, and goes into first year of high school when school starts. *bittersweet tears*

  13. Stop procrastinating and writer something woman!

  14. Preliminary reports are in: I am going to be a grandma again.

  15. Winnie is home! No more peace and quiet for me. >.<

  16. My fairy sims keep doing that fairy frolic interation, it's getting really annoying and i've still got 9 generations to go

  17. My fairy sims keep doing that fairy frolic interation, it's getting really annoying and i've still got 9 generations to go

  18. Just lost everything. Computer froze and now I have no hard drive.

  19. Happy Easter, all! Long time, no talk. I've been having some medical issues, but I'm (hopefully) on the mend. I hope everyone has a good day! :)

  20. I haven't forgotten everyone, you know this time of year is busy

  21. Thank you, everyone who sent out thoughts and prayers for my sister. The surgery went well, so hopefully she makes a full recovery. *hugs*

  22. Off to the hospital to get sis ready for surgery. Here's hoping.


  24. Still marvelling that Triton in IP went from paler than pale to very dark-skinned with one change of defaults. Oh, and looking forward to the new Captain America movie very, very much!

  25. Yesterdays weather was too perfect to resist temptation, so didn't even bother. Z got home from work, and we immediately headed to the trout pond and threw lines in the water. Final tally, me- 8, Z-1. A wonderful evening!