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  1. Where is everybody? Did I miss the hide and seek competition memo? :23:

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    2. Kimi


      It's been super quiet! I wonder if end of school year and stuff like that have kept people busy.

    3. tgdry6


      Maybe so. I know I'm glad all that mess is behind me, though it isn't as bad as it use to be since I'm down to only 1 kid left in school, with only 1 more year to go for her!!! :claphigh::fnorky:

    4. nixicole


      I tend to be in the Discord more - it pops up notifications on my phone when someone comments. Otherwise, working and sleeping are about all I'm doing right now, trying to keep this raging depression under control. I was just thinking today that I'm missing simming more lately. Gonna need to find some time to update my game soon, I think.



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