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  1. Why does life have to kick you down right when your starting to climb back up? Van decided to just quit on us today. Hubby's parents think it's the battery (it was their van first, and they had same problem). I hope that's all it is, heaven knows we don't need worse than that right now in the middle of getting ready to move.

    1. Nyxie


      Keeping my fingers crossed it is an easy and cheap fix!

    2. michalien


      Having similar problems all the time but still rising up and going on. Wish you victory over your battles. just keep up and don't let it trow you down. I'm not giving you life lessons now, just trying to encourage you.

    3. Wolfenblu


      It seems to always happen to us to SS. I had to buy a used tire for my truck or run without a spare.

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