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  1. Wondering if I could request a mod from you, @coolspear?   It was actually an idea from someone else, but I thought it would be a great mod as well.   


    Would you consider making a no autonomous drinking tea and/or coffee?


    Thank you so very much for all of your fantastic mods, I don't know what I would do without them.  Probably not play the game at all.

    1. coolspear


      Hello Miriah

      I've just read your post over on MTS in the No auto drinking mod. I've just posted there also that it will indeed conflict with my No Auto Drink From Fridge mod.

      When it come to making tea and coffee no autonomous drinking, I guess you mean from the brewing machines? I did try that once ages ago, but if I recall correctly it was problematic. I can't remember why I didn't persevere with it. Something about it glitching because the sim always has to drink that first cup after brewing. It was a long time ago when I was new to modding, so I gave up back then. The fact that in all this time since no-one else has made a (seemingly easy) no auto mod for it means others may have run into same glitch I did.

      If I ever find the time I may take a look at it again, now that I know how to handle xmls a lot better and could probably find out why it's glitching. Or maybe it was because I was a cack-handed newbie back then and was just doing it wrong. I'll take a second look, out of curiosity. 

    2. Miriah


      Ah thank you so much.  You are such a great guy!

    3. Twoftmama


      Mod requests are not allowed here @Miriah. Please read the forum rules. Thanks!



      *Do not request mod flavors/tweaks, or ask questions about mods in status updates. Ask in the mod's thread.

      *Requests for clothing, objects, or mods are not allowed.



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