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  1. *Blergh* yucky tasting goopy medicine & ginger tea.sigh, looks like winter flu season is starting early *sniffles*

  2. My body is now pwned by viruses but that doesn't stop me from learning the weird nerdy skills. Using the knowledge about TS3 saves and I wanted some elements form another saves (e.g. complete remake of Sims University), I invented a new thing. I called it "frankesaving" (mixing the components for other saves with elements of another save). And yes it works. Kicia the mad computer scientist

  3. I must take my cat Katie to the vet in the morning. Today I found a small lump behind her left front leg. I am praying that it isn't anything serious!

  4. If we close our eyes really, really tight, maybe we can pretend it's not already Monday?

  5. That moment when you just want to put a pillow over your face and just scream the top of your lungs- Yeah. a good day suddenly just turned to shit.

  6. So I didn't get much simming done over the weekend. I thought I would have plenty of time this week, till Winnie cut open the top of his foot! Blah.

  7. Sigh, just so *bleeping* tired of spinning my wheels in the mud of life & not getting anywhere, What's the point of even trying anymore?

  8. My "loving"mother just said something that affirms a feeling I been having for mouths. And it cut really deep.

  9. Is there something like a player's block? X)

  10. A wiser goddess now, I'm going to try this challenge again. If I haven't failed it in the first 3 sim days, I'll start posting, lol! *is excited*

  11. That feeling when it seems your heart could burst from sheer happiness, at having found your 3-bolt match. <3

  12. Gonna launch TS3 and see how this goes. Maybe it won't crash?

  13. Why did it have to be cold out this morning? Now I'n sad,

  14. Psst. Excuse me please. I was just wondering if anyone has seen where I might have placed my vodka.

  15. I feel like remodeling some towns. If I posted some custom lots for Sunlit Tides (Is that the name.the Superstar world)would anyone like them?

  16. Feeling healthier and In higher spirits again, let's hope It sticks hehe!, oh and Hi everyone!

  17. Sometimes I think I should control my addiction, until I find another goodie for a downloading spree. :D

  18. Firing up TS3 to make some sims.must not fal into the black hole and play it. I'll just hate myself later!

  19. Everybody have a great weekend for me!

  20. Welp, it's official, UC just takes forever to load. Time to pick a new hood - or go back to the Steels. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend, and has a great day!

  21. SIGH!! Therapy helps, but Screaming is so much cheaper, & profanity is a therapy all its own.LOL Still Alive & kicking gang!!

  22. Grocery shopping- check, kitchen cleaned- check, rest of house straightened- check, dishes washed by hand- check. And all before I've even had my coffee. I think some Sims building time is deserved! x)