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  1. Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas

  2. My puppy's been at the groomers since 10 this morning and I'm the one having sever separation anxiety.

    1. keyqueen


      Oh and it's five now and according to the online information the groomers closes at five. Mom just got chased out the door to go rescue my baby.

  3. If I ever get a stupid idea like that ever again would someone send a metetor my way please?

    1. Eliza


      Firey or explosive metetor?

    2. keyqueen


      Eaither, preferably the less painful.

    3. RedMallie


      Explosive then, Liz. It'll be over immediately and won't feel a thing. ;D

  4. Mom and I might be taking in a Lab who needs a new home.

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    2. nixicole


      They're the best! (and so are you!) Pix, pleeeeease. :)

    3. RedMallie
    4. keyqueen


      Thanks nixicole. I love labs too.

      Eliza, all in know about him or her is that s/he is seven and her/his current mommy is in a nursing home.

  5. I kind of feel like I should offer to bath my naubors dog, seeing as my dog peed on him

  6. My new computer that I wasn't even expecting like ever just arrived.

  7. I feel so bad right now. We were trimming buddy's nails and hit his quick.

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    2. keyqueen


      He's ok. He bleed for about five minuets and it stopped soon after. But he propably won't let us touch his paws ever again. Course mom and I don't want to touch the clippers ever again eather.

    3. RedMallie


      I know the feeling, but it's something that must be done. Take care, hug him and pamper him a lot.

    4. Wolfenblu


      I have done that before it is a bad feeling, but you will all get over it.

  8. My "loving"mother just said something that affirms a feeling I been having for mouths. And it cut really deep.

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    2. Firestaar1


      That's always rough. Sometimes people just don't realize how deep their words cut and wound.

    3. keyqueen


      Thanks guys. I'm probably being to sensitive about it. But that's what happens when one hordes years worth of pain. It only keeps growing.

    4. Wolfenblu


      I understand that my mother still gets to me and she didn't raise my grandmother did.

  9. Don't let me think about the future!

  10. When will gangs learn to keep thier drama outside of Schools?

  11. What color ghost should my legacy family have? I'm thinking Orange for crushed by satilight.

    1. Katelinjens


      I think that you should go with whatever color you feel most comfortible with.

    2. StarryEyedSimmer


      Or the death by jelly bean bush--so colorful!

  12. Downloading a free game from gamefly. Gona be occupied else where for a while.

    1. Nellas
    2. keyqueen


      Thanks Nellas

      sadly, it would not run on my PC oh well.

  13. How does one new cat bring a household animal count from 7 to 9? You fall in love with two from the same cluster and adopt both.

  14. Epic fail, tring to slave a costem crib to the basegame one. I think I am just going to play my legacy now and forget my pain. I will probably create some recolors for it later. At least I know how to do that.

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    2. Cloudwalker


      also, did you use texture tweaker?

    3. keyqueen


      yes, it was on TSR. I have not heard of texture tweaker. will look it up.

    4. keyqueen


      Does It work for sims 2 or only 3?

  15. ugg 5 hour ACT test today. Is it friday yet?