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  1. And CCM is being quirky on me. :( Off to re-download Careers. (Mover & Selector have been updated, too.)

  2. And here I meant to go to bed early tonight. I booted up my computer to check ONE thing. Now it's 3AM and I've laid out and mostly furnished, floored and painted 4 levels of basement on my legacy house. Guess it'll be an energy shot for breakfast. Hope everyone has a great day!

    1. RedMallie


      Ahh! Yes, that usually happens. One little quick thing to check turns into hours of checking this and that, hehehehee!!! Hope you had a good day and soon can rest a bit.

  3. And I now have to acknowledge that my bucket list will NEVER be complete. I can't afford Bon Jovi tickets. :(

    1. jvrd12


      :( that sucks! *hug*

    2. Cohzaku


      Eventually you reach the point where you have two lists: THings you say you're going to do; and things you actually will do. "watch a movie on the environment." "Watch 'when celebrities wet their pants'." "Start a well-balanced vegan diet with an exercise regimin to promote longevity and well-being." "Watch a sports movie while eating sugar-free ice cream."

    3. jenniferw23


      If Atlantis is anywhere near Austin, there's a Bon Jovi concert coming up in April with tickets starting at $49. You might need binoculars to see them, though. Wherever you are, I hope you get a chance to make a concert.

  4. And I think I'm fixing to fully enter a sim-binge period. Wonder how long this one will last.

  5. And now that I'm done with other stuff, after supper will commence the big Asylum update mod dl spree. My head already hurts a little.

  6. And offically made my fiftieth post in.what? Approx 1 week? 2?

    1. jvrd12


      we got you now. you'll never be able to leave. mwahahahah >:D

    2. Nellas


      Yeah, I said I was not going to be chatty here too. We see how that worked out. lol

    3. nixicole


      I have to admit, I'm sucked in. This is now one of the pages that opens automatically when I launch my browser. And generally the first one I check. E-mail? Oh, yeah, I have one of those. ;)

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  7. And the year managed to sneak a worse in on me just when I thought things were turning around. Gah!

  8. And what do I do with my day off? Nothing productive.

    1. RedMallie


      I mean, aren't you Simming? :o :o :o

    2. nixicole


      Lol! Yup. Was suposed to clean and do laundry, though.

    3. RedMallie


      You are saving water and not polluting the air by dusting, well done you!! ;D

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  9. And with the new year here, I'm BACK! And with Supernatural and Season, too!

    1. Firestaar1
    2. jenniferw23


      That's wonderful. Have fun with your new EPs.

  10. And work has finally driven me to seriously look for a second/better job and consider transferring and moving back in with my parents. :(

  11. Annoyed by mermaids. Might have to start a different game.

  12. Anybody know offhand why my game goes into a processing loop when I hit the check mark in CAS? :cries:

    1. Cloudwalker


      known glitch, Crin blog might have answer, but mine was when I had a pattern that was made in CASP and then made into a package (a no-no)

    2. Cloudwalker
    3. nixicole


      Crap, that's a distinct possibility. I might have to start there, then. Thank you! I googled, but couldn't find anything on it.

  13. Apparently being a short-tempered b*tch tonight. Too bad they ain't seen nothing yet (and won't), because I haven't truly went off since I was a little girl. Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow (or today, depending when you read this)!

  14. Apparently I'm playing a zombie apocalypse without having intended (or wanted!) to. Oops. Note to self: Don't turn on the zombie diseases in Vector without being prepared for the consequences!

    1. Orilon


      Most of the time that's a good thing, but when it comes to diseases, ugh.

    2. Nellas
    3. nixicole


      I didn't even last the day that Jenn did. I tried to tolerate a few hours, but my alchemist witch didn't have the money, gardening/collecting level, or resistance to the disease to be of any use.

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  15. Apparently, the clock wasn't lying. Everybody enjoy what's left of your weekends!

  16. Apparently, today has turned into laundry day. :( *escapes to the Asylum*

  17. At least the game ran for several hours before CTDing on me. I just wish I could remember when I last saved, cuz there were a lot of b-days in this 6-kid house!

  18. ATTENTION! twallan has the new SP posted!!!

    1. michalien


      Thank you. Already installed but doesn't work. All done "according to the book" but no help. Returned to previous SP mod.

  19. Attn: tessa! Tattoos thread started in the TS3 Links forum. Is 9 enough to get you started?

    1. tessalion13


      hahaha absolutely :)

    2. nixicole


      Thought so, since 1 of those links has over a hundred. ;)

  20. August seems to be making up for a crappy July!

  21. Aw, come on guys! All work and no play? :et

  22. Aw, come on guys! All work and no play? We're halfway there, let's treat ourselves! Have a good Hump Day, all, no matter how you celebrate. ;)

  23. Aw, come on guys! All work and no play? We

  24. Awake (unfortunately)