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  1. awT's eye sliders news: mahamudo fixed the mesh and posted it!!!! See my post on p.4 of the Skins thread in Links or p.4 of the Default Replacement Eyes thread in WCIF.

    1. nixicole


      With an updated link, now, in the Def Eyes thread.

    2. michalien


      Thanks for the info.

  2. Awww! Game crash when I'd spent hours this afternoon skilling them! Thank twallan for Saver, but I'm so, so close to being able to start the story! Oh, well. I don't watch the Super Bowl, so I know what I'll be doing Sunday while it snows!

  3. Awww. Called in to work on day 3 of 4 off in a row. :( Not that I don't appreciate any excuse not to clean.

  4. Baby #4 on the way, and Robo-nanny has been driving me nuts since #1. Gonna be fun!

  5. Back to building. New version of Legacy house manages to include a bowling alley in the basement. Too bad I have to work tonight. :(

  6. Back to troubleshooting decrapped s3packs. :(

  7. Back to work tomorrow. :(

    1. Rosewin


      Blah! Hope you had a good break.

  8. Backs away from the launcher slowly.

  9. Bad times at work. Thank heavens for my two favorite vices: chocolate and Sprite.

    1. Cabelle


      Ugh, I'm sorry. ((Big hugs))

    2. Loralie0512


      Sorry! It hasnt been good at mine either :/

    3. nixicole


      It's not even me! Some asshole md seems to have sent my pharmacy manager into a nervous breakdown - or at least was the feather and there was a lot of other shit I didn't know about. I'm worried for her.

  10. Bah! Altering that cute yellow consignment shop to have an elixir shop in the basement (that doesn't exist yet!) is a pain in the derriere!

  11. Bah! Banging my head against a wall trying to figure out the cemetery tomb in Jericho. :sigh:

  12. Bah! Boy is a mermaid, girl a genie. Neither got witch at all. Time to check hybrid settings.

  13. Bah! Couple minor issues with the massive legacy home I'm building have caused a scrap and redo. :( At least I know the basic plan.

    1. SatansSprite


      I'd love to see a picture of it when you do get it done!

    2. nixicole


      I'll make sure to post it in buildings in progress, then. I'm most excited about the sunken living room and attached garage. And huge pool.

  14. Bah! Either I don't have a good mouse setup for TS4 CAS, or I just hate it.

    1. RedMallie


      I think we kind of hate it in the beginning, it is NOT really user friendly, in my opinion, but it is what it is, girl.

    2. Katelinjens


      I went to the Sims 3 camera mode which helped a lot but I haven't really played in a long time so not sure if I changed anything with the mouse.

  15. Bah! I don't waaaanna go to work! Doesn't real life know I need to set up a new world to play test my new house?

  16. Bah! Naya is dragging her feet at this ltw. Just added TS2 UC to my Origin library and will be installing this Friday!

    1. Katelinjens


      Enjoy the play with TS2 UC this weekend!

    2. Cabelle


      Woo! Have fun!

  17. Bah! Stupid non-installing Sims3Packs and lying launcher that says they're there, but they aren't in-game. Considering converting to package. Expect a new thread from me in TS3 Help later. Taking an 8-hour break. For work.

  18. Bah. Have to work tonight now, so won't get to sim. :( Be back later for Dawn's tattoos, though. :)

  19. Basement's finally starting to get back to mostly dry.

  20. Been in a simming mood, and OMG! Skilling is sooo boring! I almost can't wait til she's almost an adult! (Well, I know what I have in store for her. *mwahahahaha*)

  21. Been offline awhile again, forgot about Uni. Good thing I have my tax refund! And scary thought: purging my clothes and hair files!

  22. Better day than I thought it would be. On to setting up my NRaas tuning!

    1. Katelinjens


      I hope it all goes well. :)

  23. Better get the potatoes boiling for the salad! (I hear it's somebody's b-day.)

  24. Between my TS2 and TS3 Documents folders, I have over 30,000 files. No wonder my small SSD as my primary didn't work out like I expected. May have finally found the magic solution!