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  1. VACATION!!!

    1. Kimi


      I hope that you're having a blast!!

    2. nixicole


      Thanks! It was alright, which is usually the result when I spend it with my parents, since our default interaction is arguing. Hoping to get lots of sleep this weekend to prepare for Monday.

  2. Two days until vacation!! I hope everyone's month is going well and getting better.

  3. Bad August = Better September

  4. I'm calling it Full Moon Friday, just because I like alliteration. (Full moon was actually yesterday.) I hope everyone has a good one, with a great weekend to follow!

  5. Well, this is interesting, for sure. HUGE HUGS to TFM and ISZ for being so awesome and on top of all the questions and issues. :cookiejar:

  6. I just started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic - and of course the first night was an all-nighter. But I got her to level 12!

  7. I hope everyone's week gets off to a great start!

  8. Oops. I finally think I have the gist of adding/moving lots in CAW - and accidentally stayed up all night editing a world. Ah, well. Happy birthday to me! (I bought myself some Reese's miniature to celebrate.)

    1. Kimi


      Good for you! And have a happy birthday. :)

  9. Ugh. I was hoping to have this sleep thing figured out by now. Yay for energy shots! I hope everyone has a good day.

    1. Nellas


      Same here. I managed to mostly sleep from 5am-720 so that will just have to do.

    2. nixicole
  10. Of course, I'm gone for a couple days and there are updates for TS3 at Nraas. Lol!

    1. KayBee


      Are these for the Origin patch or are they also for 1.67. I was thinking about playing TS3 again so if those need updating I'll need them, but I didn't install the origin patch. I'm on 1.67 (or I think that's what it's called)

    2. Great8Girl


      I'm still on 1.67, too. I see no need to "update" to 1.69 myself.

    3. nixicole


      They are coding updates. They are listed as working with patch 1.63-1.69 on each page. I never update to 1.69, myself.

  11. I shall sim again someday! And sleep - there will be lots of sleep. Hope everyone has a fabulistic Friday and whimsical weekend! (I know, but I wanted to change it up a bit.)

  12. *is tired* I don't think this only sleeping every other night thing is working out so well. Glad I resupplied on energy shots the other day!

  13. I hope everyone has a fantabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.

    1. Eliza


      and the same to you dear nixi, "Sim like it's 1999" LOL

  14. CTD. Yaaaayyyy :( Now I have to figure out what I broke in the mods I tweaked. :(

  15. Too many days have passed since I last had a Reese's. I firmly believe that is why I feel so crummy. Too bad I hate going to Walmart more than I crave them at this point. In the meantime, lots of lovely humidity and storms!

    1. TwistedSister


      You poor thing, no one should have to suffer from chocolate withdrawal. *hugs*

    2. nixicole


      Oh, I have gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough, so I just keep telling myself that if I can't go to the effort of scooping it on to a cookie sheet and waiting 15 minutes, then I don't need chocolate that bad. :)

  16. I pretty much just slept all weekend (including Monday), and somehow still feel beat. Time to talk to the doctor again, methinks. :sigh:

  17. I have a 3 day weekend coming up!!! But it's only Wednesday. :(

    1. TwistedSister


      Same! But don't worry, the rest of the week will go fast enough. =)

  18. Full Moon Monday waaas well, let's just leave that. Hope everyone has great rest the week!.

  19. Off of work Friday, and happy about it!

  20. I hope everyone is having a good week.

    1. Sleepycat


      I hope you are too!

  21. It's only Tuesday (Wednesday, now) and it's a good thing I'm in the Asylum - so that I can plead insanity as a murder defense! I hope everyone else is having a better week.

  22. I hope everyone's June is off to a magnificent start! And that the pollen counts drop and stay that way - asap, please, Mother Nature. *hugs* to all!

  23. I hope everyone has a wonderful [holiday (for some of us)] weekend!

  24. I hope everyone is doing well!

    1. Eliza


      Meh, I'd be doing better if I could find a way to 'murder' the dandilions! Urgh Allergy season!

    2. nixicole


      I feel like a zombie when it's warm enough to have the windows open. :(

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