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Didn't Receive Validation email, problems registering, etc.


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If you have a problem with registering or logging in, please email me at kimikayv@hotmail.com . BUT:


  1. We no longer take mod requests here. Do not email me with mod requests. Your email will be ignored and deleted.
  2. If you have a question about the forum rules/guideline/policies, please PM a moderator or email me.
  3. If you have a modding question, post it in my Modding Discussion and Help area. Modding questions received via email will be ignored.
  4. We also have a discord that you can ask for help. https://discord.gg/QmtCkG8EHC

Do NOT PM me at Mod The Sims or the official site. I never check PMs there. Hell I don't even go to those places regularly.



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Email validation should work for most email providers. There are a few exceptions that TFM is working on sorting out. MEANWHILE! We have a solution. The Asylum has a Discord. If you join our server you'll be able to post in the registration-validation channel and ask that your account be validated. All you need to provide is your email address and user name that you used to create the account. 

Here is the link!


I made it so that link doesn't expire but if by some chance it does, the server's name is Naughty Sims Asylum.

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