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  2. Does the Better Night's Sleep mod work for tents?

    1. Kimi


      Hi MineWars! Please ask the question on the mod post itself. This might be buried before TFM is able to answer. Status updates are for, well. updates on statuses. :P

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  4. Missing TFM. :love7:

    1. Kimi


      Me too! 

    2. RedMallie


      You're doing a great job, Kimi,  :graphics-3d-smileys-290149: it's just that I miss our resident med dealer's kind of crazy, you know. :grinningbig:

  5. No welcome wagon by TheFandomGirl doesn't work right, as it seems at least in my game to prevent me from going to festivals.  

  6. Oh my. I feeling so bad about forgetting this forum. But ye real life and another moded games taken lots of my time (I'm looking at you Starbound and Skyrim). But most important thing is that I'm remembered the existence of this place,  even after such a long break.

    But ye is time to back and setup again my The sims games. Now I busy with my TS2 setup. Jezz my TS2 modding skills are so rusty. Also TS3 ones.

    And still I will pass TS4. My sister borrowed her copy with expansions. I also modded it to my taste. But still it isn't my thing even with so many great mods.

    1. Kimi


      Nice to see you!!

    2. RedMallie


      Hello there!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Coolspear!  Love your mods by the way.

  8. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day

  9. So we had the funeral for my dad today.

    I did not say anything earlier because he died just before my birthday. We were not close in the end, he was 88 and I don't think he wanted family close, just in case we tried to interfere with his life. He was a stubborn old recluse, and not very nice at times, but we will still miss him.

  10. Is there a way to get a list of the expansion packs and stuff packs required in the Richdre's World's thread?  I've never downloaded from him before so how about showing the requirements for those of us who don't own all the TS3 games?

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    2. RavenKay


      Dry Gulch, Mesa Flats and Middleburg have the pets school/gym combo along with the pets courthouse. Ir would be a shame to pass up the others. They are really well made and run very smoothly.

    3. Abraxas


      There's no point in installing them since I DON'T HAVE PETS.  My last expansion is University.

    4. Kimi


      @Abraxas, RavenKay was telling you which ones have the Pets EP. I'm guess that the rest do no. She's being helpful. ;)

  11. Hey, don't know you, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY!!

    1. Rosewin


      Thanks Bmodz.  :cheesegrin:

  12. I'm getting a very strong building bug.

    1. Kimi


      Oh oh oh! I know the cure.

    2. RedMallie
  13. Save up to 60% on the Sims on the Sims and more, until July 19th, but big surprize the Sims 4 Seasons is not on sale.  

  14. Happy Simming @ all! :)

  15. Hello, I'm new here and I want to find the mods that you had. Especially the Doctor Career Reimagined could you point me in the right direction. Also where can I get Heartbeat Hospital. Any one with answer would really be helping me out.

    1. Kimi


      Hi @blade635, the status updates aren't for questions, but more like, uh, personal updates. :P All of Coolspear's mods are here.

  16. Thank you so much for making all these mods, and for keeping them updated!

  17. *brushes dust from my avatar* Hello everyone.  I think life is sort of starting to settle down again, so I'm hoping I'll be seen around here a bit more.  Lately I've also been in simming mood, which generally equals building - so we'll see what happens.  I've missed you all!

    1. Kimi


      :hug3: I feel like I'm stalking you. Um, maybe I am. *whistles*

    2. Firestaar1


      LOL stalk away! :hugging:

  18. Is it worth waiting for Seasons to go on sale, in a month or two or will that be months, like Christmas before the next big sale?  It's just about $52 Canadian.  It is GST month, so I could get it, but I can wait.  

    1. RedMallie


      Just my opinion. I prefer to buy any of EA's games on sale instead of full price. :smile:

    2. ClearaMorph


      Got any idea when it will go on sale, and if so, when?  Isn't there supposed to be a summer sale?  

    3. RedMallie


      Hmm, nope. Sorry. If you were in the US, I might guess that the Labor Day would be the next big holiday/sale period. Unless there is a back to school sale? But you're further up in Canada, right? I'm not that familiar with your holidays that would merit a sale of this kind. I was just lucky to make a game bundle with Seasons, Jungle Adventures, and Laundry Day and get a discount.

  19. NOTE! Everyone needs to read the rules. The creators on this forum will update soon. They will have posts for the updates. Refrain from asking. Thanks.

  20. Sad day for me, My blk cat of 10 years died today, I had him since he was kitten and fit in the palm of my hand.  It will be awhile before the tears are gone and my heart can mend to the point that memories don't make me burst into tears. 

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    2. Zaleth


      Thank you for your words, I miss him tons.  I still cry over him esp when I am cooking and hes not begging me, when I am watching TV, or Playing on the PS4 and he wants to curl up on me, and when I am on my computer and decides it time he got attention.  Going to bed is one of the hardest because he slept beside me, even when he was a kitten.  I know time will heal the loss but I feel like I lost a child.

    3. Kimi


      I'm so sorry, Zaleth. 

    4. Chicken0895


      I'm so sorry for your loss. :consoling2:

  21. Hoooo boy. Removals for my house move are gonna cost a fortune so money stresses are real rn

    1. Kimi


      Not good! Sorry to hear that. :(

    2. SassmasterMaxie


      Yeah. it's not looking good so I'm trying to save what I can :c

  22. Long time no being here.  I wish a Happy Birthday to all whose birthdays I have missed and a hello and welcome to all new members.  May you all have a wonderful summer!  :hug3:

    1. RavenKay


      great to see you back :waving:

    2. RedMallie


      hello girl!

    3. Kimi


      She's here! <3

  23. I haven't been around much cuz I haven't really been as enamored to play Sims as of late. I need to save up for a new TS4 EP!

  24. Hi coolspear! I'm constantly digging through your treasure trove of quality mods :62: I was wondering, if you've ever done a no autonomous farting mod? I thought I'd seen one that you updated from chillgood but maybe not.Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. coolspear


      No. I've never worked on that element of the game.

    2. Kimi


      I hate to be "that person", but it's my job. :giggle2: 

      @sharris8 please read the rules, especially this one:
      * Do not randomly PM people asking for help, post game play related questions in Status Updates, or ask game play related questions on someone's profile. That is what the Help and Support forums are for.

      This question/thought will get lost in the status updates, so it's always great to have your thought in Coolspear's section, that way everyone can benefit.


  25. Hey there still alive and kicking more soon I promise the cancer has been hitting me harder then I would like

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    2. RavenKay


      Do what you feel you can and to heck with everything else. My very best wishes and prayers for you :177:

    3. arathea
    4. RedMallie


      Great to see you, dear Dragon!!! Let us know when you need us to help you kick back. :love-heart-hand-smiley-emoticon:

  26. And this time, I am back for real! Still in the process moving, but got my computer here and and running for the first time in many months. I've missed simming, but contemplating a cc purge.Yeah, not gonna happen.

    1. RedMallie


      Hey! Heyyy!! There you are!!! Sneaking around, are you? It's so hot in here that I barely move when I get back home after work, so that probably why I missed your post last weekend.

      Welcome back!!!!!:armflowers:

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