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  2. Sometimes you don't know what you are wishing for, and only when you get it, you realize that it was not as good as you had hoped. :laughter:

  3. My avatar reflects me waiting for the sims to be an open world, what's wrong with me Lol.

  4. Bought Assassins Creed the Movie, It was awesome!

  5. Earlier
  6. I'm still around!  I'm taking a break from Sims and playing DA:I again, for the 100th time.  

  7. I'm sure I'll get my birthday cards. I'll not be able to respond because I'll be in hospital for two weeks starting  March 27

    1. RedMallie


      No worries, just make sure that you get well. We'll be here when you feel like getting a virtual hug. :heart:

    2. aparkison


      Sorry to hear this! Sending you lots of good wishes! :get-well-smiley:

    3. MadameButterfly


      Oh! That's today! 



  8. "Victor spoils!" ~Strong

    1. Nellas


      "I'm getting hungry, want eat someone." So love him!

    2. The ISZ
  9. Thankful that the drama that I was in is over and that it didn't drag on.



    1. arathea


      I didn't even reach for the popcorn to watch the final. :fnorky:

    2. MadameButterfly


      It was a record! You wouldn't have been able to pop the popcorn fast enough. :titter:

    3. RedMallie
  10. How do I send a donation? 


    1. The ISZ

      The ISZ

      Hi Juno!  Here is the thread that explains donating and contains the link to donate.  Thanks so much! :)))

  11. My surgery went A-okay! :hi-1:

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    2. aparkison


      That's great news!


    3. MadameButterfly


      Today I learned that I might have to get the 'big' one in about 3 months time, but we'll see! :hug:

    4. aparkison


      Oh no! That's not great at all! :needahug:

  12. Finally back after an extremely long and eventful hiatus.

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    2. Senhime


      Thanks, good and bad events. Nice to be back.

    3. Kimi


      Glad that you're back!

    4. Senhime


      Thanks Kimi

  13. :hi-1:  New Member of this site is just checking out your profile. :23: Great Avatar!:ok:

  14. @coolspear -

    Today I finally took time to check out this site you've chosed to "live on" and I signed up Just Because Of You! :whee:

    Although I'm not too happy about the incident at MTS, I am More than happy to see/find you here! Hopefully you will receive more respect and better treatment here and will make yourself a bit of "home". You may think that your awesome downloads are the main reason why people "stalk/follow you, but that's not the only reason (in my case)

    Your great creations are one thing, but the amusing little stories you add to each is not only something that hardly anyone does, it is also giving "information" about the Creator behind without being "interviewed":23:

    Thank you for not only sharing your gorgeous creations with us, but also a piece of  "A Beautiful Mind.:give_rose:


  16. I'm so glad I found you on this site! Glad you're here and continuing your hard work.

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Hi Coolspear!


    I just came across a mod that you used to have on MTS. It would let me put the Portable Galaxy Lightshow on surfaces. Will you be uploading that here? I'd love to have it!

    1. coolspear


      Hi, sharris8

      I'll be uploading that soon. It'll be in TS4 General Mods section when I upload. On my PC, it's in a folder with other object tweaks, such as No Fade Ceiling Lights, and I'm just working my way through the folders before I finally get to that one. Won't be too long.

    2. coolspear


      Hi, sharris8, the Portable Galaxy Lightshow is up now! Find it in the General Mods section.

    3. sharris8


      Thank you very much!!

  19. Bates Motel comes back tonight for its last season and I swore I wouldn't watch it after last season's ending - but, the darn previews have sucked me in.


  20. Spending the evening playing Sims 4

  21. Hi coolspear, I'm very happy to see you here. If you want, you can read what I've written about the whole situation at MTS:

  22. Just wanted to thank you for all your mods. So glad that you are continuing them on here.

  23. I just realized that the calendar says the Asylum turned 5 a couple months ago, but I could have sworn it was founded yesterday! I think being in here so long has warped my perception of time and reality.

    1. RedMallie


      I'm thinking we all had our perceptions of time and reality warped to begin with. Then we were sent here. Hehehee!!!!

      But you are absolutely right, time flies!!! There it goes, flying next to our very own Dragon!!! :19:

      Happy belated birthday, Asylum!!!!!

  24. When will the doctor career mod be up? It's honestly my fav mod, sad to see you leave mts

    1. coolspear


      Not long now. Hope to have it all done during the course of the week. 

  25. It's never been this quiet in my house. Not sure whether to be scared, enjoy the silence, or to just go to bed and try to catch up on years of stolen and misplaced sleep. So TS4 it is!

  26. Hi! Just dropping a line to let you know that I may or may not have stalked you here because I love your work and am glad you decided to continue with your work. Keep up the amazing work! You're an outstanding modder and I love your contributions to TS4 community. 

  27. Coolspear, when do you plan on uploading your Science Career mod?

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    2. Frane1236


      Ah ok, thanks for replying. Can't wait!

    3. bshag


      :heart: Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

    4. coolspear


      You're very welcome. Happy science-ing.

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