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  2. I just had to say thank you because your intro made me laugh! I always say my mind's been in the gutter so long it left butt marks. I loved what you said! I laughed for an hour on and off.homeless!! LOL! Great stuff! Have a great day!!

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  4. Yes, I know I did a lot of birthday posts! I don't think I'll be able to get to them next weekend, so I did two weeks worth today. :)

    1. RedMallie


      I hope everything is well? :cookiejar:

    2. Kimi


      Yup! Just out of town. :)

  5. So many mods, so little time to try them all. Still playing The Sims 4 and enjoying every minute.

    1. Kimi


      You have all of the time! Good luck! :57b447b494317_35(1):

  6. Back to our regularly scheduled coffee time. 

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    2. RedMallie
    3. nixicole


      Oof. I might need to take up coffee drinking at this rate.

    4. Kimi


      *pours coffee*

  7. Happy birthday to you!!! If you are the HFO from MTS, I love your content!!! And if you're not, you chose a nice online name, hee hee!!

  8. Had my first day of work today.

    1. Klinn


      So this means all your studying is finally over? Woo-hoo!

    2. Rosewin


      Not quite. I have one more year to go. Fun fact, my new boss is actually my study partner, so she knows first hand the effort that goes into the course. After that I will probably start a course in disability, which is the field I am now working in.

  9. Your mods are so amazing!

  10. Wow, I thought I lost your mods forever until after some intense searching. Thank you for your work!!

    >last visited: August 10, 2018

  11. Rest in peace Tommy Lasorda, legend of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    1. Kimi


      One of the all time greats. :(

  12. Happy New Year, everyone!

    May this one be better than the last one.

    1. carlfatal


      Happy new year to you too and to all others as well! :wavegrin:

  13. human vs floor-to-ceiling bookcase.  i survived, but i hurt.:oops2:

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    2. amberkat


      The bookcase was three uprights (pressure fit between floor and ceiling) with 10 3-foot shelves.  It fell over on me.  I stood up to protect my laptop and my head.  hardback books waist height and down, trade and lighter higher up.  one of the heavy wood uprights would have hit me in the head if I was still seated, instead it hit the arm and back of my computer chair.

      Was stuck for an hour as the books were picked up so i could move without have more stuff come down.  Bathroom was looking VERY good at the end.

      Tweaked my hip being stuck in that awkward position.  Sprained/bruised my left hand where a shelf hit it.  Two key covers on my laptop were popped off but it never stopped running and is working fine (after I canned air 20yrs worth of dust).  I got off VERY luck.  Took the 2 of us around 5 hours to pick up all the stuff so no one would get hurt walking through the room (in the dark).

    3. nixicole


      Glad it wasn't worse, but still, ouch! I hope you get healed up without any issues.

    4. RedMallie
  14. You guys! There is less than one week until Christmas! You have been warned. 

    1. nixicole


      Eeek! Not that it makes a difference to my day-to-day life, but still, where did the time go!? I hope the holiday season is going well for you! 

  15. December means we've almost made it through this year. We can do this! *virtual hugs*

  16. Apparently, a Sims 4 parent can give bad potty guidance? :roflmao:

  17. Followed a link here, thank you for some very useful mods!

  18. Thank you to @revengerde for the smooth transition to the new server! Hopefully all goes well.

    1. tgdry6


      I don't know if it's just me but it seems to pop up and load a lot faster on my end. Glad it went so smoothly! Thanks @revengerde

    2. zembee


      did even see it happen.  Good job @revengerde !


    3. Wojtek
  19. Absurd statistics, but true. I've played TS4 for 1610 hours in 6 years. While I've played TS3 for 4921 hours since 2013 when I got it. That is about 3 times more hours in TS3 than TS4. I'ma TS3 fan true and true.

  20. Happy November, everyone! (OMG, it's already November!!!) 

    1. RedMallie


      It is!!!! Have a great day!!!

  21. I thought I would let you all know that I posted the balance for the Asylum's account. 

    1. RedMallie


      Thank you!!! I hope I can donate, but I won't know until the end of the week.

    2. Kimi
  22. Just a quick hello to everyone!  I am still working at getting health issues cleared up or under control. I think about all of you each day and pray everyone is doing well!:grouphug:


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    2. Katelinjens


      I wish everyone a very happy holiday and hope the new year will be great for all of us!

    3. Kimi


      You too, Kate!

    4. carlfatal


      I also wish you a nice happy holiday, time!

  23. Five hour assessment today. My brain is fried but I finally gave myself permission to play sims.

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    2. RedMallie


      Fantastic!!!!!  Well done!!!! :loveshower:

    3. Figwit


      Duh, I finally figured out I could reply to this.  Enjoy your simmies.  You have earned them.

    4. Katelinjens


      Great work! :celebrate: Enjoy your sims and have some fun!

  24. Can't decide which save to play, or go back to WoW.

    1. RedMallie


      I think I can relate. I’ve been feeling more inclined to play TS3 or My Time at Portia instead, though.

  25. *shoves video link to a container house into the "for later use" folder*

  26. Feeling like all the areas I used to download sims 2 mods from have disappeared in the last 5-8 years. Makes me really sad I didn't back up more of my mods. Hoping my search for sims 3 mods won't be so difficult!

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    2. veiledstar


      @carlfatal :loveshower:

      Thank you very much! Which mod, mod author and version is it? I'm not sure why, but the link to simfileshare sends me to just the generic folder shared by simbiology, instead of directly to the mod download.

      For some reason, the night I was downloading most of the mods from simbiology, everything kind of just disappeared from the website and started routing to the link for simfileshare. It was then down, saying that it was being edited for a few days. I can finally access the files again. I have looked at all of the "full collections" for each modder, if there is a file for that, and I do see quite a few of the mods that I was looking for that were posted to forums.

      I wish I had explanations/readme files as to what they are, but I have dug deep into some of the sims 2 wikis where dedicated people listed quite a few mods, what they do and where it links to the broken website link, which is when I start my detective work going backwards from the name/description. I have found a few working locations for websites that no longer exist, usually on simsfileshare.

      I did have some luck on the wayback machine on a few websites to "resurrect" them and be able to download files from it. I remembered accessing a website for a CC creator that used to make content here for the sims 3 so I thought I would try my luck at some of the old websites. I'm not sure how the sites are saved and for how long, but some downloads tend to be buggy on this. I think this has been put into the "last resort" category.

      Many people have re-posted a new link to their old files, as I mentioned before without even saying who the mod author is. That can be a double edge sword for another topic, though. 

      Sorry for such a long response!

    3. carlfatal



      I am really sorry, that this list was not really of use for you but it is all I know. I didn´t play Sims 2 since years, mostly cause of technical issues, and to find that specific mod, - well I think, the only way is to check the whole list, or download all stuff there, and let your computer search for a specific word then. At least, that is, what I do in such cases.

      I am mostly playing Sims 3, and the only thing I can do, is searching for this mod, if you can give me at least a part of the name. Although even then I am not sure, that it is hidden in one of my saved Sims 2 documents folders.




    4. veiledstar


      @carlfatal Thank you for your suggestion, anyhow! I have noticed that the link is being updated with more mods recently, so hopefully more mods will be put up soon.

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