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  2. Happy Birthday Kimi, hope you have a super day!

    1. Kimi


      Thank you so much! I'm going to do my best. 

  3. Welp, finally got the TS4 Jungle Adventure pack for Christmas. See you in Selvadorada!

    1. RavenKay


      congrats and have fun.

      just be sure to stock up on supplies before heading into the jungle :hehhehheh:

    2. SassmasterMaxie


      I should remember that XD

    3. brigitte


      Good luck, Master! :claphigh:

      I bought the pack mainly for the nice objects and build objects, but the jungle in itself was quite interesting for some time. I hope you survive in there and that you will enjoy everything that came with the pack (excluding bugs). - Speaking of bugs: That's what I hate most in Selvadorada: Having the same BUGS as in the camping pack (eh, what's it's name in English? Outdoor Retreat?). I'd like to put just normal lots for living etc. there, but the bugs (mosquitos) are buggin' me.

      However: I like the pack and all the objects and the atmosphere (minus bugs in every way). Have fun! :celebrate:

  4. Around here the further you are from a city center the slower the internet speed becomes.  Even being less than a 100 miles from a major metro area, I barely saw 1mb/s speeds and it so happens I would be in such an area  during the holidays.  Share this bandwidth with your nephews and nieces and what you have is a lot of disgruntled little people, but the PS4 pulled it through along with a game or two of croquet in the unusually beautiful weather we were having.  It was the trip to grandmother's house out in the farmlands of USA, and must say I enjoyed every minute of it, most of it in a hallway where all the pictures of bygone past have been frozen in time. 

    I made it back to civilization just in time to be stuck in a unusually winter blizzard. How ironic.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. RedMallie


      Happy holidays to you too!!! Glad to hear you made it back already!

  5. so it's been a looong time, hey all! :wavehi:What's dragged me back here after all this time, you ask? Well. I had a temporary loss of brain and just bought the majority of Sims 4 E S and GPs.


    I think I shall need help.:embarrassed-smile-smiley-emoticon: 

    1. Kimi


      Nice! Welcome back and I'm sure that you will get all of the help that you need.

    2. RedMallie


      Welcome back!! We all know how it is about buying games, hee hee.

    3. flowerchile




      When I bought the first Sims 4 game eons ago I was so not impressed, thinking Sims 2 V2, just a little shinier

      but so far, so good. I feel it's going to take me a very very very long time to actually enjoy all sims 4 has to offer but I am determined to make the most of it.

  6. Just got back from the hospital after getting my appendix removed.  Guess it's my gift, going home on Christmas.  I had to go out of town, as our local hospital is too small and couldn't even do a proper diagnosis (just the Mcburney's test and a blood test)  to know for sure it was appendicitis.  

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    2. ClearaMorph


      Thank you, I do feel better and can eat again, now I just got to try to sleep.  

    3. Kimi


      Goodness! Thank goodness you're home and resting. 

    4. RedMallie


      Take it easy!!! I wish you a swift recovery and a great New year. Glad to hear you´re back home.

  7. Hey all, still alive and kicking.  Wishing you each a safe and happy holidays, and a safe and happy new year.  I'm in NB for Christmas won't be back til the 7th 

    1. Kimi


      Happy Holidays to you too! Good to see you. I was thinking about you and poof, here you are!

    2. RedMallie


      Same as Kimi, I was thinking of you!!! I'm wishing you the best New year, dear Dragon!!!!

  8. Happy Holidays to everyone, I will be leaving tomorrow um later today to visit with my family until the new year will have limited access to the internet!  So until then Have a great few weeks and may all your xmass & new year dreams come true!


    1. Kimi


      Have a great time! See you in the new year.

  9. New TS3 creations posted on my Tumblr website! Enjoy!

  10. :25:I'm still alive! How is everyone?

    1. Kimi


      I know that you're alive! <3

    2. RedMallie


      Hello, Insane!!!! Great to hear from you!!!! :3hearts:

  11. I finished the first two units in my Accounting and bookkeeping course and passed both. :imhot:

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    2. RedMallie


      Well done, Rose!!!! Many congratulations!!!! :picgifs-awesome-8590631:

      I have the same question as Klinn, do you get a break?

    3. Rosewin


      Thanks everyone. :heart:

      I actually get my first proper break in 2 years. We have summer break now and I don't have to go back till February.

    4. RedMallie


      That's wonderful news, Rose!!! Enjoy the break!!!

  12. I think my game is broken. I made a sim in CAS and I didn't have to change a single outfit.


    1. Kimi


      Hi! I hope that you are doing fabulous. 

    2. RedMallie


      How's it going, Maxie?

  14. Giant wildfires, again. I hope everyone stays safe!

    1. Kimi


      It's so sad! California goes through this every year and it seems to be getting worse. I am with you in hoping that everyone is safe.

    2. Chicken0895


      It' is sad. Climate change is making it so much worse.

    3. RedMallie


      Fingers crossed that people are well.

  15. I hope you have a good one!

  16. Howdy, strangers! Long time no see - and sim, for that matter. :(

    1. RedMallie


      Hello there, girl!!! How's it going?

    2. instantmagic


      (Waves) Hey girl, hey!


  17. Happy 25th! What a great age to be!

  18. Big problem. I want to play sims but...

    I want to play a TS2 home business in TS3 with a few aspects of TS4 (like the active careers, camping vacation and toddlers).

    So it's Blade & Soul right now. :sigh:

    1. RedMallie


      I call that a conundrum!! :hmm:

  19. What's up?!  Not much here to see, but glad you came by!!

  20. Having so much sadness. I wish this would get better.

  21. Hello we are still alive and doing well I can't believe how time flies.

    I have Sims2 still LOL on Win7 poor old thing is going along still.

    I really miss this forum but its impossible to package anything but wallpaper and so I would be bored I might get Sims4 one of these days

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    2. Sleepycat
    3. instantmagic


      Hello! Again! Great to hear you are still doing well.  Well, Sims 4 is better in some ways, I got mine when Origin had a sale for half price, not too long ago. Glad to hear from you.

    4. Wolfenblu


      Thanks Everyone its nice to know we aren't forgotten

      I will say hi to the pack. Akeem is in college this year

  22. In debug mode - can not up/down load from gallery.

  23. Does the Better Night's Sleep mod work for tents?

    1. Kimi


      Hi MineWars! Please ask the question on the mod post itself. This might be buried before TFM is able to answer. Status updates are for, well. updates on statuses. :P

  24. Missing TFM. :love7:

    1. Kimi
    2. RedMallie


      You're doing a great job, Kimi,  :graphics-3d-smileys-290149: it's just that I miss our resident med dealer's kind of crazy, you know. :grinningbig:

    3. Sleepycat
  25. No welcome wagon by TheFandomGirl doesn't work right, as it seems at least in my game to prevent me from going to festivals.  

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