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  1. I thought this would be a good time to post a Thank You, as I know you are probably working on (or going to be working on) post-laundry updates. So, :tuflwr: and :hugging: to you for sharing your time and talents with us!

    1. coolspear


      Thanks for the nice message, mollipop.

      Funnily enough I started going through my mods this afternoon, (Saturday) trying to pick up where I left off last November. Little bit of a mess, to say the least. But I've been plugging away at it all day now. Slow going, I've only managed to get most of the Food & Drink mods up to 1.36 compatibility. (Those trillions of damn recipe XMLs!) I haven't even patched my game to 1.37/1.38 as yet. Hopefully midway next week I'll be doing that, then checking the blasted mods again for any alterations.

      I estimate another 10 days till everything is confirmed 1.38 compatible, before I upload anything. Just in time for the 1.39 patch!


  2. now that s4s has been updated will you update your mods?


    1. coolspear


      Always look to the "Patch News" threads in my mods sections for current patch details. It is against site rules to ask modders directly about updating timeframes. I always let members know what's going on with patching and updating in those Patch News threads.

    2. BunniiJayy


      oi love im sorry :think08: i didn't know

    3. Kimi


      Most of the modders on this site keep a list of mods that need updating after any patch is released, Coolspear being on of those people. 

      Also, the status updates are pretty much for little sippets of what's going on with you, not for forum type questions. Please check the rules for more information. 

      Thanks! But most of all, have fun looking through all that The Asylum has to offer.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Please find below 3 of your mods that caused my game to crash before it even started and the error message stated missing item, also when I extracted these mods from the zips I encountered an error warning saying that they CRC failed.


    food&drink_ChefsFishBowl, food&drink_ChefsMoodMilkChurn, WormholeTravel_TheHiddenEverywherePortal(Clone)(Female Gender)


    I have also attached the zip files as well.




    1. Nellas


      Status updates are to be used as quick posts about your day. Also, links are not allowed in status updates per the rules. Please post issues or questions in the appropriate mod threads.

  4. Would it be possible to give us a No Autonomous Browse Web mod? Purty, please? :cheese:

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    2. coolspear


      The attraction to use autonomously does not distinguish between played or un-played NPC sims. It's an all or nothing deal when it comes to autonomy. The only other way to wrangle it would be to edit the hidden buff_appropriateness for pc usage out of the role XML. Each sim is assigned a specific job with an accompanying role for whatever lot they are on, whether community or residential. All the unique roles have hidden appropriate buffs for the dos and don'ts for each venue type. Some will allow pc usage, other will disallow it. But again this leads it back to an all or nothing situation if adding or removing the appropriateness buffs.

      Cloning the pcs and giving them their own new no-auto xmls at least allows for both a do and a don't computer of the same model to be placed on any given lot. The best of both worlds.   

    3. coolspear


      Forgot to mention, another trick I've used in other mods, is to blacklist or whitelist various traits that govern who can and cannot interact with an objects. This approach can get very specific, painstakingly so, because you then have to make sure all sims in the world either have or do not have the traits blacklisted or whitelisted. Hands down it's the most accurate for a barring and allowing system, but so much micromanagement involved as you really have to know all your sims and who's got what traits.

      I use this system mostly to ban unwanted sims turning up at venues. 

    4. theblindbat


      That's what I was afraid of. I was hoping Maxis would have distinguished between played (household but uncontrolled at a moment) sims from totally uncontrolled sims. Oh, well. The custom buyable objects would solve the problem, though.

      Imagine how much easier this would all be if EA had only release an SDK for TS4.

      Anyway, I do appreciate all your work and your time to talk with me. I'll be closely watching any further work you do! :thank-you: (Dang, why do almost all of these emote options make me feel like a preadolescent schoolgirl?)

  5. so glad i found you love your mods especially the hospital and doctor career thanks :D

  6. Hi coolspear, is it Ok if I make a request? . I really like your small mod that included the "nap in bath" option to tubs and I was wondering if you could do something similar to beds? This is actually something from an old shimrod101 mod, "All Beds have the same energy". The mod had an extra bed option called "Relax/daydream", something that was supposedly in the game but never completed.


    Can put a "Relax" option to beds again with a mod?


    Like Miriah said, I sincerely thank you for all the work that you put in to make this game more enjoyable.

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    2. Twoftmama


      Nope, but that's OK. Just please don't do it again. :smile:

    3. Lissa46


      Alright, thank you. Again, I apologize, I didn't mean to cause trouble to you and Coolpsear.

    4. Twoftmama


      You're very welcome! Don't worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes occasionally.

  7. Wondering if I could request a mod from you, @coolspear?   It was actually an idea from someone else, but I thought it would be a great mod as well.   


    Would you consider making a no autonomous drinking tea and/or coffee?


    Thank you so very much for all of your fantastic mods, I don't know what I would do without them.  Probably not play the game at all.

    1. coolspear


      Hello Miriah

      I've just read your post over on MTS in the No auto drinking mod. I've just posted there also that it will indeed conflict with my No Auto Drink From Fridge mod.

      When it come to making tea and coffee no autonomous drinking, I guess you mean from the brewing machines? I did try that once ages ago, but if I recall correctly it was problematic. I can't remember why I didn't persevere with it. Something about it glitching because the sim always has to drink that first cup after brewing. It was a long time ago when I was new to modding, so I gave up back then. The fact that in all this time since no-one else has made a (seemingly easy) no auto mod for it means others may have run into same glitch I did.

      If I ever find the time I may take a look at it again, now that I know how to handle xmls a lot better and could probably find out why it's glitching. Or maybe it was because I was a cack-handed newbie back then and was just doing it wrong. I'll take a second look, out of curiosity. 

    2. Miriah


      Ah thank you so much.  You are such a great guy!

    3. Twoftmama


      Mod requests are not allowed here @Miriah. Please read the forum rules. Thanks!



      *Do not request mod flavors/tweaks, or ask questions about mods in status updates. Ask in the mod's thread.

      *Requests for clothing, objects, or mods are not allowed.



  8. Hello. I am glad you kept modding and only moved. I ma having a slight bit of trouble with this site, though. It is a bit more difficult to wander around. I actually hadn't come here too often before you moved here.so yay for them :). Anyway, I went to the hospital yesterday (in game, lol) and it took forever for the receptionist to help us, my sim was in labor and her hubby was trying to check in. I had to reset him after a while when she finally went back and the Dr finally was there ( he and the nurse were stuck outside). So I was wondering if the mod needed updating.I came here looking to download latest version.hard to find. Just an observation. Hopefully I will get better at it.


    1. coolspear


      Hello there.

      That issue is as old as the Get To Work EP, there from day one. Nothing to do with my mods. Sending your sim to the hospital to give birth has absolutely no connection to the files I used for my Doctor Career mods. I did once try to take a look at why the doctor on duty takes an absolutely criminal amount of time before tending to pregnant sims, but could not see any reason for it. The same story has been told all too frequently on EA Help by non-mod players. Waited so long for doc after checking-in. Clicked on reception again thinking the original check-in must not have been registered. This somehow makes the doc finally move their ass. Go have baby, but then the second check in is still queued so the new parent abandons baby to go attempt another check-in. Whole scenario spoilt through confusion and crap coding. All Maxis I'm afraid. Though I've lost count of how many players over this past year-and-a-bit since I released the mods have PM'd me asking me to take a look at my mods again. I can't blame the players, though. Who wants to believe Maxis is just that rubbish?  The Emergency Pregnancy Event for the career has also been broken for six and a half months now! Guess who also keeps getting blamed for that? Yep, Maxis really are that rubbish and modders take the flak for it.  

    2. caligurl4evr


      lol, I believe it. I often think that many of the CC and mod creators are much more talented than any at Maxis. i really was just letting you know why I came here. I am pretty sure I was missing parts of the mod though. I needed them anyway :)  Grabbed a few more while I was here.

    3. Twoftmama


      @caligurl4evr Questions about mods are not allowed in status updates or on people's profiles. If you have a question then you need to ask in that mod's thread. Please read the forum rules. Thanks!



      * Do not randomly PM people asking for help, post game play related questions in Status Updates, or ask game play related questions on someone's profile. That is what the Help and Support forums are for.

          *Do not request mods, or ask questions about mods in status updates. Ask in the mods thread.



  9. Hi Coolspear. I'm glad to see you're here. Best of luck to you. :) 

  10. @coolspear -

    Today I finally took time to check out this site you've chosed to "live on" and I signed up Just Because Of You! :whee:

    Although I'm not too happy about the incident at MTS, I am More than happy to see/find you here! Hopefully you will receive more respect and better treatment here and will make yourself a bit of "home". You may think that your awesome downloads are the main reason why people "stalk/follow you, but that's not the only reason (in my case)

    Your great creations are one thing, but the amusing little stories you add to each is not only something that hardly anyone does, it is also giving "information" about the Creator behind without being "interviewed":23:

    Thank you for not only sharing your gorgeous creations with us, but also a piece of  "A Beautiful Mind.:give_rose:

  11. I'm so glad I found you on this site! Glad you're here and continuing your hard work.

  12. Hi Coolspear!


    I just came across a mod that you used to have on MTS. It would let me put the Portable Galaxy Lightshow on surfaces. Will you be uploading that here? I'd love to have it!

    1. coolspear


      Hi, sharris8

      I'll be uploading that soon. It'll be in TS4 General Mods section when I upload. On my PC, it's in a folder with other object tweaks, such as No Fade Ceiling Lights, and I'm just working my way through the folders before I finally get to that one. Won't be too long.

    2. coolspear


      Hi, sharris8, the Portable Galaxy Lightshow is up now! Find it in the General Mods section.

    3. sharris8


      Thank you very much!!

  13. Just wanted to thank you for all your mods. So glad that you are continuing them on here.

  14. When will the doctor career mod be up? It's honestly my fav mod, sad to see you leave mts

    1. coolspear


      Not long now. Hope to have it all done during the course of the week. 

  15. Hi! Just dropping a line to let you know that I may or may not have stalked you here because I love your work and am glad you decided to continue with your work. Keep up the amazing work! You're an outstanding modder and I love your contributions to TS4 community.