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  1. Hai thanks for all your hard work and what you do. I was just thinking about the gift of sulani power is like the instant upgrade. was seeing if you might wanna look into making it have no delay as well.


    1. coolspear


      This is not the right section to make requests. Site rules say do not do that here.  And I don't generally take requests either.

      Finally, as I only make mods I'll actually use in game, I'd have to say no to making the Sulani Power an instant trait for all sims. Given it needs to remain an autonomous interactions for the visiting Sulani Spirits to use as part of their event scenario, when giving it to normal sims they too use it autonomously and often, and the regular raindown of volcano bombs becomes somewhat annoying - thank goodness for the forced cooldown delays! The normal sims I'd given the trait to, I took it off them. They just abuse it, it had to go. It needs to remain seldom seen and for event purposes only, as far as I'm concerned.

    2. Kimi


      Thank you coolest of the coolspear.

    3. iamjaylyn


      oh sorry for asking then but Still THanks for your hard work on making all the other cool mods

  2. HI! I was trying to look around your page to see if you take them or not but I couldn't find anything explicit so I'll just come out and ask. Can we request a mod from you? The stuff you've done with expanding storage in the game is amazing! One thing I've always been looking for, and if you've already created it I would love to find it, is a photo album that functions are storage to put photos in. If you haven't, could I please request this? Thank you so much!

    1. coolspear


      I was thinking of doing a hybrid Laptop/Rotating Photo Frame. Such that you can store all photos in a laptop's Storage/Memory, but also the laptop, when idle, has a screensaver effect where it regularly rotates through a selection of photographs to display.

      No promises on this, as I only looked at the coding the other day of the Rotating Photo Frame while I was doing some tweaks on laptops and imagined it was doable to blend the Frame's display functions into a laptop's screen display coding. I haven't yet tried any tinkering to see if it will actually work. Due to working on other projects, it's presently a back burner project I'll not get round to fiddling with for some time.

      I don't generally take requests. But if it's something similar to what I'm already considering, then I'll respond pretty much in the same way I have done here. 

    2. Kimi


      Hey, just came in to rain on the parade. Remember, this is for status updates only and not requests or anything else like that. 

      "* Do not randomly PM people asking for help, post game play related questions in Status Updates, or ask game play related questions on someone's profile. That is what the Help and Support forums are for."

      Things like this should be asked in the section where they belong. 

      Thanks. :)

  3. Do any of your mod conflicts with Icemunmun food mods like Toddler food?

    1. Kimi


      @LaraCroftEyes1, please ask your questions in coolspear's section and not in the status updates. This is in the rules. coolspear's section is right here.

  4. Hey Cool

    Hope all is well.Just wondering if we can still use your mods  for the latest update on the sims 4? I just got back into playing the sims 4. Thank you Cool for everything you have done so far.

    1. Kimi


      @Doctrasim, please read the rules about using the status updates for questions. Coolspear has a post in his section about the state of his mods. Look here please.

  5. Hello which of your mods are compatible with the current game version? I love your mods and would like to have them in my game but I am afraid if I add without asking if okay they may break my game.

    1. Kimi


      This probably isn't the best place to ask about his mods. He has a complete list of his updated mods according to the patch that you can find here. I would advise to look those up first because I can guarantee that you will find what you're looking for. 

      Also, the rules indicate that you should always look things up and not bother the creators about updates. ;)

  6. Dear coolspear If possible a parenthood rework? I am sick of the toddlers and it almost ruins that pack for me. Including this gripe for all the simmers like me Who are highly annoyed by the toddlers being angry at everything. Also they follow you everywhere making buying them toys pretty much useless. Also the sad moodlets, if you don't talk to them every five minutes. Egads, I have to use MCCC to age them or I want to kill them. They also ask for story too much. The toilet training takes too long. Help me obi-wan-Kenobi you're my only hope.

    1. Rosewin


      :slapnut:They actually got toddlers right in the game. I have nieces with toddlers at the moment and they things that set them off are ridiculous in real life. Example; Toddler thowing a tantrum because they were told they could not sleep in the clouds. :tongue2:

      Having said that, I can understand your pain. I love playing big boiling families, but the toddlers get too much for me at times and I end up cheating everyone's needs just to cope with them.

    2. instantmagic


      Silly me, I found them. I had been thinking that there was an all-in-one mod somewhere that may have not been coolspears, individual files. If I knew how I would blend all his toddler mods plus the social worker remove baby one, all into one mod.


  7. Hi I'm using your Hospitals Re-imagined mod and my sim went to work but there was no option to join her she just left and vanished off the lot like a normal career.

    1. Jennifer811


      It's when I download all three parts of the hospital mod.

    2. Kimi


      @Jennifer811it’s probably best to ask this question on the thread for the mod itself. That way this won’t get lost and others might have the same issue. 

  8. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day

  9. Hello, I'm new here and I want to find the mods that you had. Especially the Doctor Career Reimagined could you point me in the right direction. Also where can I get Heartbeat Hospital. Any one with answer would really be helping me out.

    1. Kimi


      Hi @blade635, the status updates aren't for questions, but more like, uh, personal updates. :P All of Coolspear's mods are here.

  10. Thank you so much for making all these mods, and for keeping them updated!

  11. Hi coolspear! I'm constantly digging through your treasure trove of quality mods :62: I was wondering, if you've ever done a no autonomous farting mod? I thought I'd seen one that you updated from chillgood but maybe not.Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. coolspear


      No. I've never worked on that element of the game.

    2. Kimi


      I hate to be "that person", but it's my job. :giggle2: 

      @sharris8 please read the rules, especially this one:
      * Do not randomly PM people asking for help, post game play related questions in Status Updates, or ask game play related questions on someone's profile. That is what the Help and Support forums are for.

      This question/thought will get lost in the status updates, so it's always great to have your thought in Coolspear's section, that way everyone can benefit.


  12. hi coolspear! :)

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    2. BabiHunni


      it's been a while! last time we spoke was on the ME series lol, hope you've been well! n where do I get the retired scientist mods now? I've been in n out of the hospital, so I don't know where to find some things lol

      nvrm finally found it, someone else has the link on another page but I don't know if it's yours or even updated lol


    3. coolspear


      You can find those in the Career Mods section. Glad to see you're back and hope all the to and fro to hospital has been helpful to you.

    4. BabiHunni


      still wish I knew how to code to get the N-SR3 in the air lol

  13. I thought this would be a good time to post a Thank You, as I know you are probably working on (or going to be working on) post-laundry updates. So, :tuflwr: and :hugging: to you for sharing your time and talents with us!

    1. coolspear


      Thanks for the nice message, mollipop.

      Funnily enough I started going through my mods this afternoon, (Saturday) trying to pick up where I left off last November. Little bit of a mess, to say the least. But I've been plugging away at it all day now. Slow going, I've only managed to get most of the Food & Drink mods up to 1.36 compatibility. (Those trillions of damn recipe XMLs!) I haven't even patched my game to 1.37/1.38 as yet. Hopefully midway next week I'll be doing that, then checking the blasted mods again for any alterations.

      I estimate another 10 days till everything is confirmed 1.38 compatible, before I upload anything. Just in time for the 1.39 patch!


  14. now that s4s has been updated will you update your mods?


    1. coolspear


      Always look to the "Patch News" threads in my mods sections for current patch details. It is against site rules to ask modders directly about updating timeframes. I always let members know what's going on with patching and updating in those Patch News threads.

    2. BunniiJayy


      oi love im sorry :think08: i didn't know

    3. Kimi


      Most of the modders on this site keep a list of mods that need updating after any patch is released, Coolspear being on of those people. 

      Also, the status updates are pretty much for little sippets of what's going on with you, not for forum type questions. Please check the rules for more information. 

      Thanks! But most of all, have fun looking through all that The Asylum has to offer.

  15. Dear Sir,

    Please find below 3 of your mods that caused my game to crash before it even started and the error message stated missing item, also when I extracted these mods from the zips I encountered an error warning saying that they CRC failed.


    food&drink_ChefsFishBowl, food&drink_ChefsMoodMilkChurn, WormholeTravel_TheHiddenEverywherePortal(Clone)(Female Gender)


    I have also attached the zip files as well.




    1. Nellas


      Status updates are to be used as quick posts about your day. Also, links are not allowed in status updates per the rules. Please post issues or questions in the appropriate mod threads.