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  1. Get Together or Cats&Dogs?

    1. RavenKay


      if you actively play pets, get that one

      if not Get Together

  2. If anyone is interested, I do have a few TS4 lots in the gallery now.

  3. I think my game is broken. I made a sim in CAS and I didn't have to change a single outfit.

  4. Big problem. I want to play sims but...

    I want to play a TS2 home business in TS3 with a few aspects of TS4 (like the active careers, camping vacation and toddlers).

    So it's Blade & Soul right now. :sigh:

    1. RedMallie


      I call that a conundrum!! :hmm:

  5. Is it just me or is the forum getting awfully slow again?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RedMallie


      Only some threads that are heavy with pictures open slowly for me.

    3. Jenn


      I was just thinking the same thing.  It's to the point that even I am only showing up every few days anymore.

    4. Kimi


      I messaged TFM about it yesterday. She told me that she would look into things later today. *fingers crossed*

  6. Charlotta_Hartwig I like the looks of this sim, but my in game I don't have her hair do you know which one it is so I can download it please.

    1. arathea


      I've posted the answer in the thread. :smile:

  7. *pokes forum* Is it just me or is it awfully slow lately?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. arathea


      Right now the forum behaves for me. Not the fastest but no complaints either. *keeps fingers crossed*

    3. RedMallie


      I am not seeing anything different or having a slow Forum here. :37:

    4. Rosewin


      The hamster seems to be be running again for me here. Pages are loading a lot faster now.

  8. *pouts* Can't post in the Forum Software Update thread.

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    2. The ISZ

      The ISZ

      OK, how about now?  We are looking at the permissions right now.  Hopefully we get this straight soon. 

    3. arathea
    4. The ISZ

      The ISZ

      Coolio!  Sorry, we are probably going to have a lot of weirdness for a bit while we work through it. :)

  9. Gah, keyboard died. x(

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. arathea


      Nothing fancy, just a cheap wireless one that works. lol

    3. RedMallie


      Good to go!! :)

    4. FzzyDg8


      Good reason to buy a new shiny one.

  10. Free!!! Finally! :D :D :D

    1. RedMallie
    2. Firestaar1
    3. Chicken0895


      Free? How did you get past the guards?

      **Doesn't want to know for any particular reason**

  11. My computer is getting a new graphics card now and will return home later today!!! :D :D :D

  12. Is there something like a player's block? X)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. InsaneInTheBrain


      We need a club for that.

    3. nixicole


      Yep. And a builder's block. :(

    4. Wolfenblu


      Yes had it bad until the new contest and my discussion with Alice Cooper in my head, which is always interesting. I hope you get out of it.

  13. I noticed a new contest section. :D

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Katelinjens


      I am sure it will be a good contest whatever it is!

    3. InsaneInTheBrain


      Woooooo! I love contests!

    4. Wolfenblu


      Sadly will not have time to enter but will enjoy what others will do.

  14. I do NOT like building in TS4. X)

    1. michalien


      me either. many things aren't fun as they are in S3

    2. RedMallie


      I liked the features, but the intuitive controls, well, maybe I am NOT that intuitive myself, hee hee

    3. Wojtek


      Neither do I

  15. MOAR posters! lol

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. arathea


      I've packed a lot with some of the recolors because I was curious if they keep their names or get glibberish but they didn't pack at all.

    3. arathea


      Added two more sets, four more worlds to go.

    4. Wolfenblu


      You are awesome Arathea!