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  1. I have a new grandaughter, Fiona Rae. She is beautiful. Welcome, my sweet little one!

  2. Start my new job tomorrow morning. Yay, a day job. So tired of the graveyard shift that I worked for years.

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    2. ditzie1


      Thanks guys. I am very happy and excited about this job.

    3. Firestaar1


      Hope you new job goes well!

    4. Rosewin


      Hope it's a great and exciting day for you Ditzie.

  3. Woohew! I've got a job interview for a job I have been pining over for almost a year! She just messaged me and said she wants me to start ASAP and tomorrow is just to discuss duties and pay. I am so excited!

  4. OMG, 135 notifications since last night. You people are just batshit crazy. :P

    1. MadameButterfly


      You now have me pondering my level of batshit craziness, and how I can improve upon it.

    2. ditzie1


      I guess if you didn't contribute to the 135 and batshit crazy is your goal, you better get to posting.

    3. MadameButterfly


      The bar has been set!

  5. I have a happy butt! I got a new desk chair for my birthday from my son.

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    2. Cloudwalker


      btw, I've been playing sims too much. I read that you had a happy 'BUFF"

    3. ditzie1
    4. Rosewin


      A happy butt is better than a numb butt. Yay for the new chair Ditzie.

  6. My son got married today. Disclaimer: I am drunk as a skunk. I will not be held responsible for any posting I may do today.

  7. Yeah, finally got my game stable and can just enjoy playing. No crashing at all yesterday. Now to install some CC and see what happens. :-o

    1. Twoftmama
    2. Rosewin


      Good luck!

      I am playing around in my game today and hoping it's finally settled down.

    3. ditzie1


      I have missed the custom hair the most. I have had mods in for a while. It was twallan's mods that helped me get my game in shape. I hope it stays stable.

  8. I was able to play several hours in SS yesterday without a crash. I thought I had solved the issue with a total reset of the town with MC, fix invisible sims with DE, and a few other tweaks. I ended up crashing in the end though right after a legendary performance but I think I saved right after it. I hope I did.

    1. Twoftmama


      Crashing sucks, especially when you don't know why it's crashing. *hug*

    2. Katelinjens


      Wouldn't it be nice if the game would work more of the time? I do hope you can figure out what is happening!

    3. ditzie1


      I had never had a crash before Pets. It is just so random, sometimes it crashes within 2 minutes and sometimes after 2 hours. I just cannot figure it out. It does it even without mods or CC at all.

  9. Well, DEP didn't fix crashes, I guess it is time for a total reinstall. Pffffth.

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    2. MadameButterfly


      Oh yikes! I am so sorry!

    3. cherubim97


      That always sucks so bad. Fingers crossed for you.

    4. ditzie1


      I suspect my game didn't patch right because I have had crashes since installing ST, even playing vanilla. I am trying all other options before total reinstall.

  10. Finally got to play a little today and my totally vanilla, (not a single item of CC or mod) game crashed. Grrr.

    1. tessalion13


      Oh now that's just torture! Do you have DEP set up?

    2. Cohzaku


      Well, of course that happened! CC is medicine for the game! The more you have, the better it is :P

    3. ditzie1


      I have never had to set it up before and I played for about an hour before it crashed. I think I need some of Twallan's mods to fix it up. :)

  11. My son got flown to Scott and White hospital today. I am happy to have him nearer to me, but he has been in the hospital for a month and is just not doing very well. I am just feeling a little down today.

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    2. tessalion13
    3. TwistedSister
    4. ditzie1


      Thanks, everyone. He is still in ICU and is struggling. They are working very hard to get him better.

  12. My son got flown to Scott and White hospital today. I am happy to have him nearer to me, but he has been in the hospital for a month and is just not doing very well. I am just feeling a little down today.

  13. Yay, I am off today and actually get to play my game today. Well, admittedly, I am always a little off.

    1. Twoftmama


      Woohoo for play time AND for being off! *is a lot off*

    2. ditzie1


      If I could get off this site, i might get to play. :)

  14. Yay, I finally got a job. Not much of a job, but a job none the less.

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    2. Ladylombardi


      Congratulations! I know how good that feels!

    3. ditzie1


      Thanks guys. I have been looking for a while and am glad with what I got. I am a store clerk at wag-a-bag. :D

    4. Frimlin


      I'm really pleased for you :)

  15. Keeping up with this forum is going to keep me busy.

    1. Firestaar1


      You and I both Ditzie- and I'm also trying to upload my stuff at same time LOL

    2. Andara


      ditto - it's hard!