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  1. Patch supposed to come next week. Getting ready for the madness

  2. My Finals are DONE! Free until next Semester.

  3. realizing that I really don't see myself going back to TS3 any time soon

  4. I'm scared.Aged up Lance Corbin looks just like the annoying guy from the school I wanted to SimKill.IS THIS FORESHADOWING?!?!?!?

  5. Put in an offer on a house yesterday, the people countered for only 4 grand more, 6 grand below asking. So hopefully we soon will be homeowners!

  6. So, I've eaten lots of ice cream this week, tried to eat over my maitenence, and gernally just did a lot of things that would make me gain weight.And yet I went from 153.6 to 150 XD

  7. I have an addiction that I don't want to be cured from.

  8. Hmm. Preparing for Finals week. One more semester done with. :)

  9. Yay, I am off today and actually get to play my game today. Well, admittedly, I am always a little off.

  10. I kind of want to make sim versions of these two students at school. not because they're good looking (Though they kind of are), but because I want to see their annoying disruptive asses get smushed by a meteor. Am I a bad person? XD

  11. I have an addiction that I don't want to be cured from.

  12. Done done done with updating the German blog (and we had a small earthquake, first one I felt in my life)

  13. Do you ever just feel like _______ ?

  14. One of those days where I want to push my FIL off a bridge. If anyone's going to call my husband useless and put him in a horrible mood it will be me thank you very much. ARGH.

  15. I'm having a boy!!!

  16. My ex husband just asked me if he could take our son and move to Boston. Really dude? Really?

  17. is tired of being sick!

  18. The only good thing about being sick is that you have a free pass to eat whatever you want. :D ARBY'S and Drumsticks and Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, oh my!

  19. I am not going to be around much. RL is kicking. I'll drop in when I can.

  20. just found out my job that I love which was originally supposed to end in Feb and then was extended until May has now been extended until August!

  21. spent the evening dealing with a grumpy husband, can it be the weekend again?

  22. Copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste. THANK GOD it’s done was going nucking futs

  23. Ok, who allowed the telemarketers to try and call your house at 8 in the fricken morning?

  24. Is not feeling too well- damn changing weather and sinuses acting up anyway. Off to curl up on couch to read and sleep

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