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  1. @pootsboots287 I don't think the patch broke it at all, because Maxis hasn't touched these snippet tuning files that I can see. Your best bet, really, besides using this mod is to use MC Dresser to remove all accessories when you see it happening on a Sim and then blacklist them for the towel outfit.

    I've done that and I'm not seeing the wacky accessories (with the towel outfit) in my game since. Honestly, MC Dresser's blacklist function is a real sanity saver, because you can blacklist anything you don't want to show up on Sims for any outfit category in your game.

  2. It's definitely baked in the save, well any save that the time has been changed on since MC is sending that information when you load into the game with it activated. It's just like if you pulled MC after a patch and had altered the time speed, your time and calendar would be a mess.

    That's why I know it's best to only change time on a new save. I think it was like that too with Relativity in Sims 3. That was years ago for me though, but I'm sure I changed it on a new game when I started using it. The calendar in Sims 4 has just made it more complicated.

    That's too funny about the pre programmed clapping! It makes you think of the clapping on a television sitcom! :hehhehheh:

    I'll probably patch sometime this evening if the hotfix comes out today. Hopefully they don't break anything else with it!


  3. Thank you @byrnie and @omowatcher for your input! Much appreciated!

    It sounds like there's definitely something up with the times not syncing correctly with the gigs in the acting career, so I'm going back to default speed after all, simply because the freelancer careers rely on the same gig system design and I've been hoping Maxis would do something for other careers using that system since Get Famous was released.

    I'm so confused though why this would happen, because in the past before Deaderpool removed the option, it was Absolute time speed that would screw up the internal alarms in the game, because of how it worked. Relative time speed should be like it says: Relative. So weird!

    I used NRAAS Relativity in Sims 3 and I was so happy to see that kind of option for Sims 4. I know Twallan used to warn of strange behavior that could happen if you lowered the game time speed too much, but half speed was always safe and that's why I chose speed 50 for Sims 4.

    Well, I'm definitely not thrilled about this, but I also don't want to end up with a game I can't play either, so I'll have to make do. Default speed doesn't bother me so much in small households or with single Sims, but in an eight Sim family (including pets), it's super frustrating to get everything done in a normal day. That's a little too much like real life for me!

    Oh well, I lived without it before, and I know what it's like when I'm testing a new patch in a vanilla game, so I'll learn to live with it. Thanks again folks for the input!

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm planning on my moving my Sims over to a new game anyway, so I'll edit my MC config beforehand. I know they say not to do that, but there are websites that will validate the JSON code and check it for mistakes, which I'll do before I load up a new save.

    I do know that changing time on an existing save has always pretty much been a nightmare, but it's worse now because of the calendar function, so I wonder if that's the problem rather than the altered speed itself? Oh well, I'm just going to play it safe and go back to the default speed.

  4. I was thinking about trying this to see if it speeds up autonomy just a little, but I was just reading over on Deaderpool's Discord that they're saying not to mess with Game Time Speed at all because it's breaking the active careers, more specifically the acting career and the new freelancer careers.

    I don't have this week's patch yet, but I was wondering @coolspear , since I know you don't play on the default game speed of 25, if you've seen any problems with the active careers in your game?

    My understanding was that somehow it's breaking the acting career UI if you mess with altering the speed above 25 or do anything else to alter game speed. I haven't even bothered with that career yet, because of the bug with hair and makeup failing that Maxis was supposed to fix this week. I've been playing on speed 50 for probably three years now or thereabouts, so this really threw me for a loop.

    And I guess EG on Deaderpool's Discord is trying to get him to remove the Game Time Speed setting from MC entirely. I know I will be seriously irritated if he does.

    Anyway, sorry to bother you, but I was just curious for your feedback, since I trust your judgment.

  5. Lord, have mercy - talk about drama! What a royal ass that person was! I don't come around much, but I just decided stop in for a minute and I can't believe how nasty that person was! This is probably the nicest damn place on the internet for the Sims! How could anyone talk shit about this place is beyond me?!

    I remember when I first started playing Sims 3, I got my first mods from when y'all were still Crazy Town! I was so lost with Sims 3, because it was so different from Sims 2 and I had been away from that game for quite some time, because of being hamstrung by real life, and everyone at Crazy Town was so helpful! You guys have always been top notch, so screw that idiot!

    Glad to see you're doing well @Twoftmama!

    Cookies for everyone!


  6. @RedMallie No, it's just using the umbrellas that's the issue. I like them for decoration too, and it's too darn bad the umbrellas are such a pain! It's strange that the AI has a problem with switching hands when using umbrellas, when Sims are supposed to be able to multi-task, but then again it wouldn't be the Sims if things always worked like they should.

    @coolspear Oh yea, I forgot about that with half walls! There's still problems with lofts in Sims 4 not being recognized as a room, if I remember right.

  7. Thank you! The umbrellas are driving me bonkers!

    I just had the unfortunate luck last night to learn that if you've got a Sim trying to garden and use the umbrella at the same time you get a flood of Last Exceptions, since the AI can't seem to decide which hand to use for what. I don't remember them being so awful in Sims 3. So I'm giving my all my households the Waterproof trait now, because I just can't stand the umbrella shenanigans.

  8. I especially appreciate the no home or lot invasions portion of this, because it's really frustrating to:

    A) Use the Private Dwelling lot trait and have the break-ins when the vampire in question doesn't even have the correct power to pass through locked doors.

    B) Have your good vampires that you play every so often break in and attack another played family, when you know that totally goes against their character.

    C) Get stuck on a community lot, because a vampire showed up to hang out. Granted, I can cheat and make them leave, but it's still annoying.

    So, I'm super grateful for this - kudos to you, good sir!

    ETA: I see I've still got to grab the banned jobs from the other part of this mod group. Thank you for all of them though, they look amazing!

  9. Oh man, I know you what mean about the Mandela Effect! It certainly makes you think about your life in a new way, that's for sure. I just want so badly to give the folks at Maxis the benefit of the doubt, but I just have such a hard time doing it the older I get.

    I don't want to be some crabby middle-aged bitch, but I just don't understand how they break the same small things over and over again, across the years of this franchise. I've had more head/desk moments from the Sims than I can count.

    Bethesda games are almost as bad, but damn at least they have the framework to allow modders to fix just about everything that isn't directly an engine bug.

    The Sims is like the gaming version of a toxic relationship. You know you should leave, but for some reason you just can't.

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