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  1. Site got hacked again - we were able to salvage the mods and will be working on getting those back up soon. 

  2. At Simsl3gacies.com, which is currently just a file directory, access the sub-directory "Sims Asylum" to find the files that were exclusive to the Asylum. It is second-up from the bottom of the directory. 

    1. jamesaf928


      The website is having a 404 Not Found error and cannot access the website anymore 😞

  3. Hello! I just want to say that I really appreciate your work for The Sims 3 and am glad you're back to posting downloads to your content! I've really been wanting my Sims to be able to attend university on the home world, but now that I have the rabbit hole rugs you made for University Life, my dream has come true! While this is the case thanks to your hard work, I am also wondering if you uploaded any base game rabbit hole rugs, as I believe that I may have the Island Paradise, Late Night, Into the Future, and others as stated above. I can only guess what the LLAMA rugs mean, but is there any chance that those are for the base game rabbit holes? Thanks in advance for responding!

  4. hi, i was trying to download some old mods you have, but i cant seem to get the links working, maybe you still have the files for these:

    Misty’s rabbithole rugs for bistro , equestrian centre (both Naughty Sims Asylum, reqistration required) and resort (simsl3gacies, it's called Island Paradise Rabbit Hole Rug)


    1. Kimi


      She was hacked. She has updates on what is going on just a couple down from here. 

  5. simsl3gacies.com should have a text list of all the downloads, which are clickable download links. 

    1. RedMallie
    2. jessamica92


      Anyway the autonomous use of smartphones mod will be on there?

  6. I'm working on getting my downloads back online, I'll keep you posted.

  7. Hey guys - we found the issue with the site. All downloads are functioning again!

  8. Hey folks - I'm aware the server is down for my downloads. We are looking into it!

    1. RedMallie


      Hello there, girl!!!! Great to hear from you!!! Hope all is well!!

    2. Misty


      hey girl! how are you? I'm doing great!

    3. RedMallie
  9. The download link for the breastfeed pose pack has been fixed!

  10. Did you ever re-release the mods that altered dragons & dragon buffs in Sims 3?

    1. Twoftmama


      @ZeraniLoki Questions about mods are not allowed in status updates or on people's profiles. If you have a question then you need to ask in that mod's thread. If that mod doesn't have a thread (isn't posted) then you need to PM the creator. Please read the forum rules. Thanks!



      * Do not randomly PM people asking for help, post game play related questions in Status Updates, or ask game play related questions on someone's profile. That is what the Help and Support forums are for.

          *Do not request mods, or ask questions about mods in status updates. Ask in the mods thread.



  11. Are you going to be bringing other mods here as well?  I'm dying without the Dragon mods like stopping them from taking the dragon out every single second or disabling the huge cheats they give (like filling hunger up immediately every time, what's the point of having a huge, lush garden if you're never going to enjoy it?!)  I think there were others like for the cow & bees too.  I miss them so very much!

    1. Misty


      Yes, I plan on this being the forever home for my content; I've just been really lazy about it lately :D  A few others have asked after the dragon mods, so I will try to get those uploaded this weekend :)

  12. Will have a few more things uploaded this weekend based on some requests I've gotten recently. Another series of moons, a pose pack, and maybe the dragon mods too, if I get a round tuit.

  13. Will be adding a few more downloads today!

  14. Misty, thank you for your Supernatural rabbit hole rugs. The'll definitely come in handy in my Lunar Lakes world :hugwrap:

    1. Misty


      Thank you and you're welcome! Some of the others are still on my site, but I'll moving them all here eventually :)

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