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  1. I hate CC.just when I think I've found the perfect world.someone uploads Camden Creek.

  2. Peter Pan's shadow is not so nice!

  3. Off to the movies in a few. Iron Man here we come. :D

  4. Bought a new car seat and installed it all by myself! Haha accomplishments.

  5. Anybody want a bouncing-off-the-walls, refusing to listen and/or do as told 5 year old? You can have him free of charge!!

  6. Anybody want a bouncing-off-the-walls, refusing to listen and/or do as told 5 year old? You can have him free of charge!!

  7. Ugh and Ouch. I feel like absolute crap after the surgery, and the splints won't be taken out for another week.

  8. I have been working on my YouTube Channel posting up Sim3 and Minecraft Let's Plays. Not sure if I can post links here, so I'll post a link on my Profile.

  9. I swear I am going to remove all the windows in my Sim's house. All she does is go back and forth looking out them!

  10. I'm sorry I haven't been here, but the flu is kicking my ass. I'm still alive, just have no energy to read/post.

    1. SatansSprite


      Don't worry TFM. You just take care of you first. We'll be here to welcome you a healthy you back with open arms when your well again.

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  11. I'm so thankful to have a boyfriend who not only accepts my love of sims, but also wants to learn how to play :)

  12. Just found out Windows 8 is essentially $40 per computer. While still less then the retail of Windows 7, $80 is still more than I'd like to spend.

  13. I really will read all the stories in the contest. They are all brilliant so far.

  14. four days since we have seen Not My Cat. Her food bowl has not even been touched :(

    1. SatansSprite


      When cats go into labour, they go into quiet little corners well away from everyone. We had a got who got pregnant and this is what she did - she hid in the closet of the oldest daughter of his girlfriend at the time.

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  15. FINALLY got around to reinstalling all my Sims 3 expansions after reformatting my computer about 3 months ago. Now comes the fun job of getting the updates for and re-setting up my mods considering there have been 2 patches since I last played.

  16. So much for running a low CC game. Thank god for CCM!

  17. Baby had 2 week check up today, weight is up to 6 pounds 14 ounces - 10 ounces over birth weight

  18. I think I'm finally beginning to see why so many people, especially those who either are or once were parents. One kid, I could deal with. Now with two - the extra assist in staying awake is looking tempting

  19. Oh how I'm not liking these new recommendations to not use powder formula until 2-3 months old - It would be so easy to just have the water in the bottles ahead of time with some pre-measured formula to dump in for a fresh feed every time. Figuring out how to make all the needed bottles with the liquid stuff is annoying.

  20. Woohoo! New portable drive is in, now to reformat my system and see if it doesn't solve some of the graphics issues I've been having!

  21. The hugest peaches you ever saw are in my kitchen. Each one could be an entire meal by themselves.

  22. can't believe we bought a new car today (well technically Hubby leased it while I hid in a book but close enough)

  23. babysitting nephews with MIL backseat parenting, someone save me!

  24. Have I mentioned that I hate packing to move?

  25. Watching the Olympics withe Winnie

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