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  1. I hear ya about life sucking and that having the Sims makes it bearable. Happy Birthday! Hope this year is better than the last

  2. Life sucks but at least i have the sims 3

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    2. nixicole


      Ah, yes, when life sucks, live vicariously through TS3. And eat lots of chocolate. I hope life gets better.

    3. jvrd12


      if it weren't for life you wouldn't have The Sims 3. so life is great, considering.

    4. maryellen590


      hmm i don't like chocolate. Yes that's true i'm alive so its not so bad.

  3. my simmies never sun tanned or sunburned how does that happen?

    1. The ISZ

      The ISZ

      You have already posted this on the forum, in the wrong section. I have moved the question to the proper location under The Sims: Sims 3 Simposium: TS3 Help and Support. Do not post game related questions in your status updates. Locked.

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