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  1. *pokes cold nose in* Hi, everybody! Not frozen yet, and planning a major mod update and dl spree when I get back after Christmas!

  2. *pokes nose in* Hi, guys! Hope you all have an awesome Friday, and I'll see you at the bar this (Fri) evening!

  3. *sends hugs Chain_Reaction's way* I couldn't imagine staring at game code for 10 hours straight. Happy playing, all!

  4. *sets computer on fire* Getting the new ssd to at least register should not be this hard! *vows not to start thread for at least a day* Grr.

  5. *sigh* And I just blew at least 3 hours trying to find a TS2 default skin that doesn't have too shiny a face. Some sleep, and chores tomorrow!

    1. InsaneInTheBrain


      I Hated looking for one! I felt they all seemed way to shiny.

  6. *Sigh* I just want the Outdoor Shower for the houseboat before I start testing IP. *glares at computer impatiently*

  7. *sneaks back in through window* Hey, all! Hope everyone's having a good weekend. I was - then the snow came back! 8-(

    1. Cohzaku


      I was having a terrible weekend, but then a bottle saved it. :P

    2. nixicole
  8. *tries to use Nevi the cat for a pillow* Well, what did he think was going to happen when he curled up in the middle of my bed? ;)

  9. *wishes people's attitudes (and traits?) were moddable* Hoping everyone has a great day!

    1. jenniferw23


      Mine would probably be the first I would mod! But I know a lot of others on my list who wouldn't be far behind.

    2. WolfMoon


      I would like to mod poodle mama's attitude she thinks she and her poodle babies are our only client and the fox hound that got trampled by cows doesn't need surgery right now because her baby has a piece of something in her eye. I could flush it out but no she needs the vet!

    3. nixicole


      LOL! Awww, I hope the poor puppy is going to be ok.

  10. #?*!%@/~ ! I think HP randomly launching something that needed my permission (updates, maybe?) just crashed my game. #?*!%@?/~

    1. Cloudwalker


      time to change your settings. :) I learned the hard way too

    2. Nellas


      Yeah, I change all that to just no do anything unless I tell it to. I don't trust my computer XD

    3. nixicole


      It was the pop-up asking that crashed it. Grr.

  11. 1,000 first names for each category? Namelist might be further in the future than I thought. On the bright side, it will give me something to do this winter.

  12. 11 days until I start my new (better) job! YAY!!! (Can't wait!)

  13. 2 more days until the weekend! I can do it!

  14. 3 DAYS OFF!!! Time to get some stuff done!

    1. RedMallie


      Wonderful!!! Time does fly, hehehe!!! Enjoy each one of them!!! :)

    2. Sleepycat
  15. 3 Days til PTCB Test :(

    1. Cabelle


      Hang in there! You can do it!

  16. 4000% chance of twins, 40% triplets, and 4% quads. Maybe I shouldn't have given both parents the fertility treatment, but I really wanna see mermaid, witch, genie babies.

    1. Signy


      Hah. Enjoy that one.

    2. Firestaar1
    3. nixicole


      I don't usually go near those stations, but I won't be surprised if I get quads. I will be surprised if I get only twins.

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  17. 5-hour energy shot and an apple for breakfast. At least I'm trying to balance my diet! :-)

  18. 7 days til vacation!

  19. A boxful of strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups, Sprite, and the next day off? What more does a girl need?

    1. Nellas
    2. nixicole


      Yep! Cc problems and new patches put me off for awhile, but 1.39 doesn't seem to crash my game if I don't install it, so I guess I'm gonna try to sort out the cc issue.

  20. A wiser goddess now, I'm going to try this challenge again. If I haven't failed it in the first 3 sim days, I'll start posting, lol! *is excited*

    1. RedMallie


      Looking forward to reading your posts!!! There's no way to fail, we're just going to have fun!!! :D

    2. tessalion13


      Exactly what she said!

    3. nixicole


      Uhhh, my first girl picked a guy with the "unlucky" trait as her first husband. Grim wouldn't take him. :)

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