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CC and Picture Sharing Policy


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*Please follow these guidelines when posting images.

  • All pictures must be no larger than 250k and the dimensions no larger than 1024x768. The Dimensions restriction is also in effect for pictures hosted from another site such as ImageShack.
  • Custom content uploads are set to a 5 meg limit per post for members. This does not apply to Asylum Staff or forum owners.
  • Hotlinking, direct linking to someone's website files, is strictly prohibited. Click here to see why.
  • Images of a sexual nature must be posted in the Adult Section. (The Naughty Ward)

Here is a link to a good program to use for pictures, Irfanview. I may add to or edit these as needed.

*Please follow these guidelines when posting Custom Content (CC).

  • We do not accept mod submissions.
  • If you have your CC posted at another site, please post a link to the thread or page where the file is located and not the actual file. It is a waste of site resources (mine as well as theirs) to post the same file at multiple places.



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