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  2. For those of you not receiving your validation emails, we know and we are sorry. TFM is trying desperately trying to figure out what in the heck is going on. MEANWHILE! We have a solution. The Asylum as a Discord. If you join our server you'll be able to post in the registration-validation channel and ask that your account be validated. All you need to provide is your email address and user name that you used to create the account. Here is the link! https://discord.gg/dh6UprC I made it so that link doesn't expire but if by some chance it does, the server's name is Naughty Sims Asylum.
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  4. Why do fenced in gardens add to the tile count?

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    2. RedMallie


      I think that's it. Anything with a boundary is one tile for the game, I think.

    3. tgdry6


      You have to leave one tile open I believe for it not to count. I've seen others just put a bush or some other object to make up the empty spot as a work around.


    4. RedMallie


      Good solution, I think.

  5. Australia.

    1. Rosewin


      We went to visit a lady on Monday who is looking after nine koalas affected by the fires. I donated some material that can be made into various things needed for wild life.

      There is also a lot of rain heading to the Eastern states at the moment that will hopefully help to put out some of the long term fires over there. They are just hoping it doesn't start any flash flooding due to the low vegetation.

    2. RedMallie


      Thank you for mentioning this, Rose!!! :yourethebest: Stay well!!!

  6. Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year's!:wavehi:

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

    1. nixicole


      Little late from my end, but same to you!

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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    2. Kimi


      Merry Christmas to you too! I hope your holidays are fantastic!

    3. Rosewin


      Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a save and happy new Year!!!

    4. tgdry6


      Merry Christmas!

  9. If anyone (seems to be my usual intro XD) is still missing TS3 packs, it's on Steam right now for 75% off.


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    2. nixicole


      Ahhh, that would definitely get the job done, too. 

    3. nixicole


      I can confirm that Steam CD Keys for Sims 3 can be redeemed in Origin. I just got Fast Lane, Movie Stuff, and the 70s, 80s, and 90s packs. The only extra steps were that I did have to get the base game for Steam to be able to buy them, and I installed the Steam client to be able to see my game library to get the CD keys. Not sure if I had to do that second part, or if I could have found them online.

    4. arathea
  10. If anyone needs TS4 starter lots, I went a bit overboard the last days and got a bunch of them uploaded to the gallery. And one or two bigger lots too. XD


    1. Ethyrdude


      Nice!  thank you for those!

    2. RavenKay


      I always need lots for my sims. Thank you:yes:

  11. My final assessment kicked my butt last week. Totally blanked out on it. I get another crack at it this Thursday, so hopefully I will be back here after then.
    Off to do some more cramming. :thinking-hard-smiley-emoticon:

  12. Hey Kimi where can I find this post?

    1. instantmagic


      Sorry about the discord channel?

    2. arathea


      Forum Support/Discord! :smile:


    3. Kimi


      Thank you Arathea.

  13. Happy Turkey Day to all who happen to celebrate this holiday! :43:

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate:heart:For those who don't, Happy Thursday :flarts:


    1. Kimi


      Thank you and happy thanksgiving to you as well! 

    2. tgdry6


      Happy Thanksgiving! :wavehi:

  15. Hey guys! I've started a discord for us with TFM's blessing. See my post!

  16. Woot!! So happy to see we're back!

  17. So glad things are back to normal!

  18. Happy Dance!!! :yahoo:So glad it's back up and running!!!

  19. :1532:

    thought something was wrong on my end   :39:

  20. cannot type anything with my preferred bowser (brave), reply and message fields are greyed out. additionally, firefox works too slow for asylum :(

    1. Kimi


      I've not heard of Brave. I know that Google Chrome works wonderfully. Maybe try that one?

  21. We are back!!

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    2. Kimi


      But now I do! Thank goodness we are still kicking.

      Now, on to looking stuff over to make sure y'all are behaving!

    3. zembee


      I was getting the jitters. :40:

    4. Kimi
  22. The forum is still down. I haven't been able to access the site properly for a few days on Firefox. I'm on Microsoft Edge which seemed to help but still get errors.

    1. tgdry6


      Looks like it's back up and running! Yeah!

    2. Chaavik


      It's up!! Yayyy! Thank you to whomever fixed the site :)

  23. So is anyone else getting error messages when trying to access this site? Not sure what's going on but it also happened when I tried to access  it from my phone. I did leave a report. :unknw:

  24. Please do not as any of the creators when and if a mod will be updated or saying "it's working in my game". Because just because it works in yours doesn't mean it's gonna work in someone else's. Please, for the love of Mike, WAIT FOR THE MOD TO BE UPDATED OR FOR THE ALL CLEAR.

  25. Gosh I always feel back that I lurk more than chat. Hallo everyone~

  26. I'm back. What a busy/crazy/news filled time to have a heart attack. Went to the hospital monday, finally home today, thursday!

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    2. KayBee


      Hope you get well soon!

    3. aparkison


      That's scary! Glad you're okay! :get-well-smiley:

    4. chicvibe


      Take care, and get well soon.  Scary stuff!

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