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  1. Anyone got any idea when the next sale will be?  I don't want to buy this new pack until it is on sale, it's so not worth the $26!  

  2. Just got back from the hospital after getting my appendix removed.  Guess it's my gift, going home on Christmas.  I had to go out of town, as our local hospital is too small and couldn't even do a proper diagnosis (just the Mcburney's test and a blood test)  to know for sure it was appendicitis.  

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    2. ClearaMorph


      Thank you, I do feel better and can eat again, now I just got to try to sleep.  

    3. Kimi


      Goodness! Thank goodness you're home and resting. 

    4. RedMallie


      Take it easy!!! I wish you a swift recovery and a great New year. Glad to hear you´re back home.

  3. No welcome wagon by TheFandomGirl doesn't work right, as it seems at least in my game to prevent me from going to festivals.  

  4. Happy Birthday Coolspear!  Love your mods by the way.

  5. Save up to 60% on the Sims on the Sims and more, until July 19th, but big surprize the Sims 4 Seasons is not on sale.  

  6. Is it worth waiting for Seasons to go on sale, in a month or two or will that be months, like Christmas before the next big sale?  It's just about $52 Canadian.  It is GST month, so I could get it, but I can wait.  

    1. RedMallie


      Just my opinion. I prefer to buy any of EA's games on sale instead of full price. :smile:

    2. ClearaMorph


      Got any idea when it will go on sale, and if so, when?  Isn't there supposed to be a summer sale?  

    3. RedMallie


      Hmm, nope. Sorry. If you were in the US, I might guess that the Labor Day would be the next big holiday/sale period. Unless there is a back to school sale? But you're further up in Canada, right? I'm not that familiar with your holidays that would merit a sale of this kind. I was just lucky to make a game bundle with Seasons, Jungle Adventures, and Laundry Day and get a discount.

  7. Got my cast off finally! No weight bearing until the doc who fixed my leg says it’s okay but now I can finally have a bath, shave my legs, and itch my leg!

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    2. Sleepycat
    3. RedMallie


      Hehehe!! Good!! Just remember that you will need to get out of the tub, hee hee!! ;)

      No, seriously. Glad to hear you're further ahead with your recovery. Take it easy, though!

    4. Twoftmama


      Glad you're on the mend!

  8. Just got back from the hospital, last night, I was there since Nov. 25, when I slipped and fell on the ice and broke my left leg. Broke it in 2 places and dislocated it. I had to be transferred by ambulance to a bigger hospital since I love in a small town. Well no walking for me, and I guess that means TV and Sims for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

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    2. Katelinjens


      I hope that you will recover quickly and not be in much pain!

    3. Kimi


      I'm so sorry that you're injured. Listen to your caregivers and most of all rest. It sounds like you have a great plan for that!

    4. ClearaMorph


      Yeah, the plan is, writing, Sims, TV, and extra sleep, and no painkillers. I found out painkillers do more harm than good, they trick your brain, and the pain is good for how far you can or cannot move, say for exercise. As silly as it sounds, the inflammation is actually good and part of the healing process.

  9. Looking forward to my ice-cream cake later today from the Hut. (It's like a Dairy Queen cake) Hot fudge cookie crumble, mmm, can't wait!

    1. jenniferw23


      I suppose my invitation to your ice cream cake party got lost in the mail. Sigh. : )

    2. RedMallie


      hmm, it sounds yummy!!! Enjoy!!!

    3. Rosewin


      Sounds wonderful!

  10. Happy Mother's Day everyone! I hope everyone has a great day!

  11. Sims Medieval seems there is no lack of treasure to be found, you can find both a Jade Tigerwolf as well as shovels, good one by the cemetery!

  12. Back from the dentist, no cavities, just a chipped tooth that needed fixing! Guess having diabetes isn't a bad thing, God has turned this weakness I have, into a strength to show His glory in me! Now I'm eating heather and I have been delivered from my pop addiction, thank You Jesus!

    1. Katelinjens


      Glad to hear that you are doing well.

  13. I waited for the Bakery to go on sale and I was hitting the purchase button and boom! Already gone! I can't believe it! I'm going to go play Sims 2!

    1. Signy


      Yeah same thing's been happening to me for weeks. It's become a challenge now.

  14. Rainy day here, I guess I'll live vicariously through my Sim, I want to metal detect, so I will let my Sim mine for whatever goodies he can find. PS I like Google Chrome, it has spell check! Yay!

    1. Firestaar1


      Google Chrome is only browser I use now- have had least amount of problems with it.

      Pouring down rain and thundering here as well.

    2. ClearaMorph


      I just got out for a bit, had a look around and found 30 cents yay! Got in a quick swim, calling for thunderstorms here too, yikes!

  15. Happy Mother's Day, I was mommy's Mother's Day gift, born on Mother's Day!