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  1. 7 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Celebrating One Year of using Mods!! Wahoo! April 2011 I put in my first mod ever: SP to control the vampires/celebrities. :D

  3. Just realized last night I'm leaving on Friday the 13th! That is badass! XD

  4. It's too dang hot not to have AC :(

  5. 10 days and counting.

  6. I'm sick, one of the cats needs to go to the vet, and work is insane this week.is it Friday yet? Wait, that doesn't help, there's people visiting and family.crap!

  7. 10 days and counting.

  8. Made the mistake of looking for music CD's on Amazon. Within minutes I had 100 bucks worth in my cart & had to stop myself. XD

  9. We have 19 new baby lambs, no casualties, all mums and babes doing well. Had lunch and a shower, going to take a nap (hopefully the three year old will too) Start the whole thing over again

  10. Will there be a chapter 13? I can't say yet, since I do not know!

  11. i like this site

  12. I just now realized what "Donated To Sims Asylum" means. I originally thought that it meant that the whole person was given over as a forum slave and was now property of the Sims Asylum. I am dying now. I wonder why I came to that conclusion?

  13. spending the day with MIL all the while wishing I could be playing sims!

  14. Hotels booked and maps acquired. Getting ready for my road trip to see TFM! :D

  15. Has a very sick little girl. :(

  16. First day of eating at a deficit.I went 10 calories over XD that's a good omen!!

  17. Really supposed to be cleaning the casa, but I am sooooo wanting to play my game!!

  18. So needing to do 100 things. However, I think I am off to kill skeletons for a bit.

  19. Waiting for the tow truck to pick up my car. Well, she needed a check up anyway so.XD

  20. I think that since I am laid up and worn out from yesterday.it is time for a DLing spree

  21. Won't be around much til Tuesday Double xp weekend on Runescape!

  22. Playing Vanilla is so . so . can't find words for it

  23. Concealed carry test passed! I will be at the Circuit Court in the morning applying for my permit. =D

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