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  1. At the airport! Got an hour and a half wait. Got through security very fast.

  2. Is Alive (in case anyone was wondering)

  3. Rejection letter :( but they did tell me what about the story they did not like, so that helps me a lot.

  4. What is the point of having a cell phone when you don't answer it? Especially when you are 4 hours late getting home!

  5. It's after midnight here so it's officially 3 days until I"m off to visit the home of The Head of the Asylum. Hopefully I won't spend most of my time in the corner. XD

  6. "Crack down" *giggles like a 12 year old*

  7. Nothing like a 7 year old puking on you at 4am to insure that your day starts off on the right foot >.>

  8. 13 friggin' more days. Hurry up and get here already!!! XD

  9. <~has the flu- not fun :(

  10. One day. I'm away for one day. And when I come back there are FOUR pages of new content. :) I love this place.

  11. Oh. it's october :P

  12. Insurance companies can all go straight to hell.

  13. Someone please make my finger hit 'SEND"

  14. nope, I wouldn't get a fever on a school day. I would get a fever on a day I get to stay home and relax.

  15. Breaking in a new pair of hiking boots. Did four-and-a-half miles this morning; will get hubby to do a couple more with me when he gets in from work.

  16. 23 days and counting. :D

  17. had playtime tonight with no crashes!

  18. making some of my favorite book characters in CAS :D

  19. I have actually simmed far LESS since discovering this forum.

  20. Finally got to talk to my doctor. They found NO MORE CANCER!

  21. eek. TFM is taking over the recent topics again

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