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  1. To sim or sleep, that is the question.

    1. Jenn


      Sleep is overrated.

    2. nixicole


      Tell me about it!

    3. Eliza


      sleep deprivation, could lead to some interesting story lines/Families. Looks like my vote is SIM

  2. Yay, off I go to work til 10 tonight. Everybody have some fun for me!

  3. Oh, so that's how I uninstall graphics drivers and re-install them. Learning new things! (And hoping this fixes CCM!)

  4. I broke CCM. Again. :-(

  5. Off work til Monday!!! :-D

  6. Desktop is up and running again! Just have 1 day of work, then TS3 binge, here I come!

    1. Kimi


      Whoop! Have fun!

    2. RedMallie


      Woohoo!!!! Enjoy!!!

    3. nixicole


      Oh, I intend to. :D

  7. Eating M&Ms, trying to convince myself that I might have a good day at work.

  8. What do you suppose it means when I'm having nightmares about work? Unfortunately, I can't afford TS4 if I don't get paid. :-(

    1. nixicole
    2. Loralie0512


      Still with Walgreens? Some of the customers are enough to give anyone nightmares :(

    3. nixicole


      Yup. And these days, certain coworkers are almost as bad.

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  9. Hmm. TS4 Premium edition, plain, or Digital Deluxe? Don't these people know decision-making is not my strong suit!

    1. Figwit


      I suggest getting the standard edition. You can always upgrade it later if you choose - I have the option if I want it. My friend got the deluxe and there doesn't seem to be a lot of value in comparison to mine. Not sure what the premium edition is so can't comment.

    2. Katelinjens


      I think you should get what you want to spend.

    3. nixicole


      Thanx for the info, Figwit. Good point, Kate. It's not like there won't be custom objects and mods to make up for the few I don't get with the more expensive version.

  10. Oh, my. Slowly plugging away at the TS4 First Impressions thread. Catching up will take forever! I miss my TS3 game, and am planning a long play-fest when I get my computer set up. Prepare for pic spam on that day!

    1. WolfMoon


      Love pic span Nixi

    2. Wolfenblu


      I second that emotion!

  11. Yayayayaaa!!! Specialist is going to do surgery on my sinuses!!! Yayayayayayaaaaaa!!!!

    1. Cabelle


      Yay! I hope you get some relief soon. Lots of vibes for quick healing sent your way.

    2. Katelinjens


      That is good news. I hope you will be feeling much better real soon! *hugs*

    3. Rosewin


      All the best Nixicole. I hope this is the solution for you.

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  12. New story semi-started! (Introductions have been made, at least.) :P Looking forward to posting more soon!

  13. The crazy bitch that hides deep inside me has been bribed back to her cave with good food. Back to the simming!

    1. Katelinjens


      I hope you will have fun with your sims and are feeling much better! *hugs*

    2. nixicole


      Thanx for the thought. Maybe my body will have the same one.

  14. Work survived. Check.

  15. Monday goals: survive work, drop off paperwork, come home, post Zev and the Senka twins, and start a new story!

  16. I suspect I'll be starting a new story soon.

    1. Katelinjens


      That sounds like great news! :)

    2. Sleepycat
    3. nixicole


      Thanx for the vote of confidence!

  17. I fail at retrofitting Bridgeport. Jericho, here I come.

    1. Nellas


      Jericho is one of my favorite worlds!

    2. eclipsse


      Oh, yes - mine too - and it is very customisable - unlike EA worlds.

    3. nixicole


      Oh, yes. Plus, I lovelovelove the basement apartment. With some remodel, it's perfect for vamps.

  18. Fixing to start a new game in Bridgeport with one good vampire identical twin and one evil. Debating another attempt at a story.

  19. I wonder how many of the customers think I'm a druggie, and how many think I came to work with pinkeye. *sigh*

  20. 2 more days until the weekend! I can do it!

  21. Oh, dear laundry, why, oh why, can't you do yourself? Guess what I'm doing with my day off? Going to the doctor to try to ditch this nasty bug! (Cough-killer, please!)

    1. Akeem
    2. nixicole
    3. RedMallie


      have a cup of tea with honey in it, it will make you feel better.

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