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    • Rosewin

      Well study has started for me again and we are off with a bang. I already have a large theory assessment due in two weeks. On top of that I start a new job in a month, thankfully the hours will build gradually as I learn the ropes. Really excited about the future, but it does meant gaming will take a back seat again. I will try and pop in here now and again.
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    • x0101x

      Oh my, this forum it's still alive
      · 1 reply
    • nixicole

      Discovering things. Namely, that I am apparently picky when it comes to default eyes. 
      · 5 replies
    • Nellas

      I swear if Vlad comes into my Sim's house again, I'm going to put a stake through his heart. I don't mind once in a while but Jesus dude! 
      · 6 replies
    • arathea

      Do I want to patch?
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    • Chaavik  »  Kimi

      Hi, @Kimi! Can we get a thread in Coolspear's section to serve as a depository for any of the mods we update for Coolspear? It would be awesome if we can get all of the updates in one place. I uploaded an updated mod in one of his crafting threads recently. But if MenaceMan44 and I do some of the updates along with other modders helping Cool out, we would appreciate a place where we can upload our "fan updates". :) Many many thanks for all you guys do.
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    • Chaavik  »  coolspear

      Hey @coolspear I'm wondering if we can have your permission to post updated mods in your section as a fan-based community to keep some of the popular mods updated? I checked one that I use all the time, and it seems EA did a lot of code cleaning which screwed up almost everyone's work. I use your writing mod that broke with the recent patch. So I made a small update for my own use. When I came here, I see a lot of comments asking when the mods will be updated. I thought "Gee. Cool made a big announcement about retiring from modding. People still want them anyway." I would like to know if it is ok for me to upload a fixed version for your writing mod. No guarantee about the others. I just figure it would be a small contribution as a form of thanks for your years of modding and guidance.
      · 2 replies
    • Ingeli  »  coolspear

      Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I used the Buffet Tuning for my new Classic Dining Set - find them here:
      (and matching dining tables here)
      I also have advanced plans for medieval sets.
      thank you for the mods! :)
      · 4 replies
    • Chaavik

      I come here to catch up on the latest posts from everyone. I find people asking about mod statuses still. Suffice to say that I was not happy after reading some rude remarks from those who only came here to bug someone about certain mods. Please keep in mind some of us retired from modding for good reasons and would be happy to help them find alternatives if they asked nicely. Or update those mods themselves.
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    • NikkeiSimmer

      Back on the Twitter-verse. 
      Nikkei_Simmer "Sarcasm & Sims in 160 Characters"
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