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  1. Newest lesson of parenting: If you want to sleep in on a special event day (such as Canada Day when you intend to take your kid to the fireworks), don't reveal your plans to them beforehand or you might find yourself being woken at 6am.

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    2. Nellas


      We leave for holiday in 3 days, the kids still don't know we are even going anywhere.

    3. Wolfenblu


      So true! Even the three year old remembers!

    4. SatansSprite


      Next year we'll know better. At least we had a fun day though, our son LOVED the events he was able to do at the park (Carousel, train, petting zoo, pony ride)

  2. GAH! Spent about $40 replacing the frames on kiddos glasses with expensive specialized lenses, then turn around and misplace them three days later while getting him some new books at the bookstore. I so, so, SOOO hope they turn up and that they aren't totally lost.

    1. Nyxie


      Oh man. I hope you find them!

    2. SatansSprite


      I was too busy yesterday to do so, but called the bookstore today to see if they had turned up and OMG they did, my sons glasses AREN'T lost after all.

    3. Nyxie
  3. That awkward moment when you get all ready to go shopping and are heading out the door, only to realize it's a holiday and the store is closed. Ya, I just had that one.

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    2. SatansSprite


      I'm just glad I remembered before we even left our apartment unit. We had our door open and were standing in the hall when I had the light bulb moment of remembering.

    3. Cohzaku


      I've done this.

      And I WALKED!

      and didn't realise until I was right at the door!

      Oh well.

    4. Twoftmama


      Ohhh y'all are in Canada! No wonder I was confused xD

  4. Supposed to go to my uncles for a dinner barbeque but somehow managed to misplace the only set of our keys with a key for the main door on our apartment. If we can't find that set we won't be able to go. :(

    1. Nellas


      It will be the last place you looked. Or in the door where you unlocked it last. Hope you find them soon.

    2. SatansSprite


      We've almost literally turned the place upside down. The problem is that the other half has trouble putting things away properly and tends to sometimes leave things in the most obscure places, that they could almost be anywhere.

  5. I had the big ultrasound today, and found out that my older son is getting a little brother!

  6. Some days a potty training 4 year old and me being pregnant are not the best or most comfortable combination

  7. Ok, who allowed the telemarketers to try and call your house at 8 in the fricken morning?

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    2. Wolfenblu


      When we had a phone we just let our machine talk to their machine. LOL Cohzaku, I remember those fun days, I had a cold one time and they asked to speak to my mother, it annoyed me so I say I sorry she in asylum, what about your father, she shot him. They hung up. Fun times

    3. MysteryIslandKid


      LOL Wolf and Cohzak! Satins Sprite, I am sorry, I hate those telemarketers any time.

    4. KierneM


      Tee-hee! I sound like a grumpy old dude when woken up - I'm aleep during the day - and I say, "DO. NOT. WANT!" Then I press an utterly random assortment of numbers, then hang up. Bwahahaha!

  8. OMG TFM! I love the new banner!

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