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  1. Aaaah! I think I'm going to have a meltdown. Or lose my job at the end of this month. Why is the Illinois state government trying to destroy my life? I need to move to a different one.

    1. Rosewin
    2. Katelinjens


      I hope things will improve for you soon. *hug*

  2. Aaaahhh!!! Have located all EPs and SPs, but can't find the base game! Totally freaking!

    1. michalien


      Oh! Hope that you must not start installing from the beginning. Wish you luck.

    2. Cloudwalker


      is it under that book? on the left?

    3. Jenn


      Eek. Good luck! Hope it's located soon.

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  3. Aaaand a fresh install of CCM didn't fix it. Now re-running the setup wizards for the required programs for it. Waiting for .Net framework to repair itself. If it even needs to.

  4. Aaaand as if a Monday evening shift wasn't going to be bad enough, yet MORE snow! Why, Mother Nature, why? :.(

  5. Aaaand I've certainly set myself a challenge this time. An all-inclusive home (with Woohooer in mind, too!). Problem? Basement. I know how to go do one below a foundation. Now I just need to see if that will cause any problems with a sunken den, even though I don't plan on the basement being below it at all. Oh, and I'm starting this on a 30x30 lot. I have a bad feeling I'll regret it.

    1. Cohzaku


      As someone who has made an all-EP inclusive house on a 20X30 prebuilt lot, I feel your pain.and the intoxicating "Can I do it?" excitement as well :D

    2. nixicole


      I couldn't. :( Not with wanting to make it a generational home to. I tend to go big and sprawling to make sure there are no route blocks, anyway. Oh, well. I upgraded to 60x60 to have room for the barn, too.

  6. Aaaand RELATIVITY has been updated again.

  7. Aaaand simfest over! My dad will be home tonight (Wednesday), so there will be much less computer time. :( Hope everyone is having a great week!

  8. Aaand I just got bored with IP. Time for a Sleepy world!

    1. Signy


      Now you sound like me. I'm smiting paparazzi tonight.

    2. Sleepycat
    3. nixicole


      I do so love that NRaas mod that you can nix paparazzi with.

  9. Aaand the sick has officially settled in, yay! I'm sooo tired of coughing already, and my nose hurts, (And yes, yes it is Rudolph red.)

    1. Kimi


      Feel better soon and get rest when you can. :( *hugs*

    2. michalien


      Wish you to get well.

    3. Katelinjens


      Do get well soon! *hugs*

  10. Aaand the sick has officially settled in, yay! I

  11. Accidentally simmed til 3 am. Oops!

    1. nixicole


      Nope, never. It's just a matter of surviving work today to come home and do it again!

    2. MysteryIslandKid


      This is why I rarely sim during school year. LOL

    3. nixicole


      I shouldn't be. I have a test coming up.

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  12. Ahhh, lost all my store 'hoods and items!!! And yes, I've started downloading before even finding/buying and installing the basegame. :grin:

    1. michalien


      Sorry to hear that. :-(

  13. All installed, since I woke up early. Too bad I have to spend the next 2 days off studying instead of downloading and playing. :(

  14. Already started learning yoga! Haven't failed my New Year's Resolutions yet, then. Hope everyone is off to a good start!

    1. bluegenjutsu


      I don't make New Year's Resolutions anymore, but I hope you continue to do yours!

  15. Alright, all you fellow country music fans! This post is almost a week late in coming, but it's officially "Cupid's Got a Shotgun" month. (That's my favorite valentine- or romantic-themed song.)

    1. jenniferw23


      Haven't heard that one but what girl could ask for a more romantic declaration of love? Maybe me, for starters :)

    2. nixicole


      It's actually maybe more anti-valentine, kinda like anti-prom. It's Carrie Underwood, off her Blown Away album. My fave off it, in fact.

  16. Alright, Bodyshop, let's try this again!

  17. Alright, everybody, we're beyond officially into FRIDAY. So everyone who's been having a bad week, that's about to stop. Even if I have to end up posting a pic of my curly head of frizz to make you laugh.

    1. jvrd12


      lol! now that'd be funny.

    2. nixicole


      Not nearly so fuzzy as it would be if I left the mousse off for that pic. I get scared that my hair will eat small rodents when I do that.

  18. Alright, I'm flummoxed and my head hurts.

  19. Alright, Trif, I got those pics posted in Building in Progress JUST because you wanted to see them. :) This is the first house I've ever shared at all, but even if it wasn't, feedback is super-welcome.

  20. Am I the last to know that Disney bought Star Wars?

    1. Cohzaku


      I'm actually a wee bit excited.hesitant, and know not to expect too much, but at the same time I think it could be okay.possibly.

    2. MadameButterfly


      I did not know this.

    3. Nyxie


      Can't be any worse than Lucas.

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  21. Am pooped.

    1. Rosewin


      Hi Pooped, I'm Rose. :P

      Sorry couldn't resist.

    2. nixicole


      Lol. Thanx for the laugh!

  22. And after a couple hours playing with my fairy-witch, including one game crash, I am cursing autonomy and have a feeling I'll be cursing the "Freak Out" moodlet, too.

  23. And after checking twallan's site to find that he has SP fixed, I'm seriously considering patching now. What to do, what to do?

    1. tessalion13


      Think about if there are any other mods that are a major part of your gameplay (like some of TFM's)

    2. nixicole


      Not majorly, I don't believe - although I do use a ridiculous amount. On the bright side, it's good motivation to clean up my mods folder and go through and see what I really need.It's gonna be a long night.

  24. And after the first episode, I don't think I'll be watching any more of Game of Thrones.

    1. Cloudwalker
    2. nixicole


      I don't want the little boy to be dead. :(