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  1. If you'll be my bodyguard, I can be your long lost pal

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    2. BoilingOil


      TFM already said my line. Great music choice!

    3. Kimi


      Ha! My husband has that set as my ringtone. :)

    4. Nyxie
  2. Fully working Sims 3 install - check. Now to load it down with CC, lol.

  3. Wow, this could not be any more boring.

  4. I had a heart then, but the queen has been overthrown, And I'm not sleeping now, the dark is too hard to beat, And I'm not keeping now, the strength I need to push me

  5. This is a gift, it comes with a price, Who is the lamb and who is the knife? And Midas is king, and he holds me so tight, And turns me to gold in the sunlight

  6. Yes Michigan make that comeback!

    1. MysteryIslandKid


      I didn't know it left! Glad it came back! Oh it must be about sports is clueless.

    2. Nyxie


      Haha yeah, football game last night. The were down 21-7 against UConn and came back to win 24-21.

    3. Nyxie
  7. Like the sunbeams from a perfect summer's day, Heaven only seems a step away, When I'm with you, I just celebrate, I'm hoping my message gets through, There's never been someone like you

  8. Will you still love me, When I got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will

  9. Messed up my lot, lost 2 hours worth of work.

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    2. Rosewin


      Crud bunnies! Such an awful feeling when that happens. :(

    3. Kivak


      Oh no, always keep a clean copy in a vacant hood. Before you rezone.

    4. Kivak


      Rezone in the hood you are going to use it.

  10. I hate when I can see in sim in my head but I can't make them look like that in game. Why do I suck at making sims? Why?

    1. WolfMoon


      You and me both, glad Wolfie makes em for me!

    2. jenniferw23


      If I started demanding explanations of myself for all the things I suck at that's all I'd ever do.

  11. If I am good to you, Won't you be good to me? That's how easy this should be.

  12. Finally started writing my story. Now to make sets & sims.

  13. Hello, Goodbye, Twas nice to know you, How I find myself without you, That I'll never know, I let myself go

  14. Apheresis platelet donation today, now I feel all tingly.

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    2. SatansSprite


      I looked it up once you mentioned it here, and is it true they don't take everything out of you for it, that you basically still keep the same fluid volume in your system?

    3. Kivak


      Very cool thing to do, I have given blood before but never asked to do that, it is a great thing to do.

    4. Nyxie


      SS, they take out your blood like a normal donation, then they run it through a machine that takes out the plasma and platelets, then they put the filtered blood back.

  15. I know when to go out, I know when to stay in, get things done

  16. Got a friend into cloth diapering, sending her the last of my stash. I'm so excited for her to get them.

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    2. Trif


      Good luck. I have to admit my children were disposable. Back then it was the thing.

    3. Nyxie


      My oldest was all disposable too. I wanted to do cloth with him but I was working and let myself be talked out of it. I'm glad I got the experience when the diapers had pretty much gotten as good as they were going to get, and not the other way around. lol

    4. WolfMoon


      I love cloth diapers my cousin started me in them and I started my sisters. They are so nice My youngest has been out of them for about a year now.

  17. Just what you said was cold advice, I discovered sticks go with knives, I discovered I could die in your chains, Still I feel, so won't you stay

  18. What would it mean to say, I loved you in my fashion

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    2. Cohzaku


      *doesn't know this song, so.*

      Well, I'm always true to you, darling, in my fashion.

      I'm always true to you, darling, in my way.

    3. Nyxie


      I've shared my secret with you Nellas, now you'll know all my lyric statues, lol

    4. Nellas


      MWAH ha ha! *evil* Yes I will!

  19. It was 9-29, 9-29 back street big city. The sun was going down, there was music all around It felt so right.

    1. Akeem


      Dancin In The Street? (Not sure taking a stab)

    2. Nyxie


      ELO - Last Train to London :)

  20. I have no motivation at all to finish vacation pictures.

  21. Bad dreamer, what's your name Looks like we're ridin' on the same train Looks as through there'll be more pain There's gonna be a Showdown

  22. Getting ready for my son's 9th birthday party. Where did those last 9 years go?

    1. michalien


      Just when you turn around, he'll be 18. Believe me. Happy birthday to your son.

    2. Nyxie


      Thanks Michalien!

  23. The dying embers of the night (A fire that slowly fades to dawn) Still glow upon the wall so bright

  24. Got to help B pick out a new computer because his macbook pro bit the dust. Now I'm setting everything up for him (playing with it, lol).

    1. michalien


      I envy you because I love to put computer components together and install programs. Enjoy.

  25. Had a great time in Medina, Wadsworth, and Seville Ohio today, but glad to be home.

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    2. Nyxie


      Thanks Michalien. I hope you are feeling better as well.

    3. Trif


      You were all around me here in Akron.

    4. Nyxie


      Yeah I saw a sign for Akron and thought of you, lol.

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